Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update is biggest in years

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The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update, Operation Riptide, adds new maps, new balance tweaks, and new modes in one massive update.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive just introduced Operation Riptide, a massive update that introduces new maps, new missions, and new ways to play classic game modes. This update could introduce the biggest changes Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has seen in recent years.

Operation Riptide adds a new matchup mode that allows for much shorter matches where players compete to win nine rounds instead of sixteen. The Counter-Strike series was considered the definitive first-person shooter series, but these shorter 25-minute games might make it a little more accessible to fans.

The update is also bringing Private Matchmaking Queues for those looking to play with friends. This mode allows players to use Valve's official servers to generate a specific member code, allowing groups to easily access games. 

Deathmatch, Demolition and Arms Race modes have all been tweaked and a number of new community maps have been added. Another notable change was made to Dust 2, one of the most iconic maps in the world. Counter-Strike . 

As shown in a tweet from the official account of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Twitter, the developers added a solid wall on the attackers' side of the infamous and difficult to defend center aisle.

The decision to block visibility here can make it easier for defenders, both in terms of avoiding damage and economically. It may now be feasible for defenders to quickly push through the double doors and enter the tunnels early, a tactic that was previously available but was much riskier. 

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Riot shields have also been added, grenades can now be thrown as weapons, and the Grind, Mocha, Pitstop, Calavera, and Frostbite maps have been removed from the official mix. O Desert Eagle Counter-Strike's known for one-hit kills now do slightly less damage on body shots, though headshot shooters have nothing to worry about.

The M4A1-S now does more damage to the body and the Deagle does less. And Dualies just got cheaper. And grenades are now droppable.

— CS:GO (@CSGO) September 22, 2021

It seems fans are having mixed reactions to the updates. Some seem to be excited about the balance changes, particularly the Dust 2 map tweaks, while others seem to be very concerned about the balance changes - particularly the Dust 2 map tweaks.


— Rebuild of Rai (@RaiBello3) September 22, 2021

One user immediately asked if the update was doing anything to curb cheating in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Several others stated that the game had dated back to the days of Counter-Strike 1.6, although another reviewer countered that 1.6 still allowed players to shoot through doors.

We 1.6 now

- Kinsi (@ Kinsi55) September 22, 2021

It looks like players have a lot to process about this update.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive já is available for PC.

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