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Raids are a great way to make money fast, here's how to get started

Raiding is a Crusader Kings 3 mechanic that returns from CK2 and allows pagan or tribal rulers to invade other rulers' lands. This works a little differently than the standard war in CK3, but you'll still need to jump some hurdles before going to Viking on your neighbors. 

Crusader Kings 3 raids are much more difficult than CK2, with longer cooldowns for raids and more costs associated with raids.

In addition to these more expensive and time-consuming invasions, you'll also find that standing armies are much stronger than they were in CK2, so your best bet as a small invading nation is to attack only the smallest states you can find. 

You can verify this by looking at enemy territories and hovering over their banner to see how many troops they have in place. You can also check how much loot you'll receive by hovering over an enemy banner, so picking the most loot from the smallest army is the way to go.

The first thing you need to do to invade in CK3 is to create an attacking army. To do this, you'll need to go to the military tab and select a rendezvous point near an area you want to invade or create one. 

Once you've done that, click on the hangout, which should open a new tab in the bottom right corner of the screen - the key here is to choose 'increase local invaders'. 

Only the Norse can carry out sea raids, so for any other ruler you will need to ensure that the journey can be made on foot. You can also increase all your available soldiers as invaders by clicking on the 'Raise all as invaders' button at the top of the Military tab.

This newly formed band of raiders will look like a standard army, but if you study their banner more closely, you'll notice three torches that signify they're raiders. To start the invasion, simply take the invading army and order them to any neighboring neutral provinces, which will start the invasion process. 

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The raid itself will take several days, and if you're doing a raid by sea, be prepared for a grueling wait when they land. You can check the progress and loot gained on an attack while it is active by checking the attack army's own tab (just click on the banner to open it).

Once the invasion is over, you'll need to take the army and have it return to any provinces that are under your control, which will move all loot, renown, and any other items to your stash. 

It's up to you to decide if you want to attempt another attack in a different province or if you want to disperse the group.

If you're still struggling to break in and finding the rhythm just isn't feasible, it may be that you can improve your efficiency by getting important perks and traits like Martial. 

If the costs of maritime attacks are getting too high, technology long ships will drastically reduce landing costs.

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Finally, it looks like the CK3 mods scene is already in full swing, so once you get the hang of hacking, try expanding your game in a different way. 

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