CoD Vanguard: Best Audio Settings for Gaming and Voice Chat

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Looking for the best audio settings for Call of Duty: Vanguard? Here's a rundown of everything you need to track your opponents in style.

Sledgehammer Games has brought the battle back to WWII, with a plethora of devastating weapons to take down your enemies. Vanguard might be utilizing some controversial mechanics this time around, but you can remain the ultimate champion with a well-tuned setup.

Here's how to put together the best audio settings in CoD: Vanguard.

Game Sound Settings in Vanguard

Having immense skill is only half the battle when it comes to mastering Vanguard maps. With additions like Dead Silence returning to the perk selection, you'll need to be on the lookout for any enemies that want to send you back to the lobby in frustration. Not everyone has access to headphones, so we've created a setup that will accommodate gamers regardless of how the sound is output.

When it comes to the game's sound, you can use these settings to jump on your enemies:

  • Master Volume: 100
  • Music volume:  0 -25 Feet
  • Dialogue Volume: 35 -50 Feet
  • Sound effects volume:  100
  • Hit counter sound effects:  Vanguard
  • Audio mix:  headphones (although this can be changed to your preference)
  • Killstreak Music:  on
  • Mono audio:  off
  • Speakers/Headphones game sound device: for  where do you want the output to be sent

If you can use headphones while playing Vanguard, we recommend tweaking some of the settings for even more accuracy. Jack Wall's music can be fantastic, but you'll probably want to keep anything other than gunfire to a minimum.

Go ahead and reduce to at least 5% , to enhance more traditional sound effects. You'll no doubt rack up killstreaks too, which will make the announcer quite chatty. To give his mouth a break, you can lower the volume do dialogue to less than 50% if necessary.

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There are many weapons to try out in Vanguard.

Other parts of the CoD franchise, like Warzone, allow different presets to be enabled as well, but for now, Vanguard is a little more limited in that regard. However, as more updates arrive, we can expect more customization in the future.

Voice Chat Settings in Vanguard

If you're playing on PlayStation 5, most teams will prefer to use Game Base to chat with each other. However, if you tend to use the in-game chat functionality, we also provide information on these settings. Here's what you can do to get the most out of your voice chat:

  • Voice chat:  activated
  • Voice chat device with speakers/headphones: for  where do you want the audio to be sent
  • Microphone device:  your microphone of choice
  • PC only   Microphone activation mode:  Push to talk
  • Only PC – Push to Talk (voice chat):  V
  • Open Mic Activation Limit:  3
  • Voice chat volume:  25
  • Microphone volume:  25
  • Voice chat effect:  no effect

If you prefer to speak only when necessary, the Push to Talk feature for PC gamers is a handy feature. Alternatively, if you are constantly communicating with your other players, you can keep this set as an Open Mic.

How to improve audio in Vanguard

Having the perfect settings will certainly improve the audio quality in Call of Duty: Vanguard. However, there are some other steps you can take to further improve your game audio.

First, the hardware you use makes a big difference. If you play Vanguard on a TV or monitor with built-in speakers, you might want to invest in a dedicated headset or even headphones. While this may come at an extra cost, the audio quality will be vastly improved.

Also, the environment around you can play an important role in audio quality. If you plan on improving Vanguard, try to minimize the amount of ambient noise that can interfere with the game's sound.

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