Clash Royale: The best decks for Ram Rider

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With its trap engine, Ram Rider has made a sensational entry into the Supercell game. His win condition is hard to counter, so he still has a bright future ahead of him..

Ram Rider is one of the last legendary cards in Clash Royale and is a great asset as it attacks enemy buildings quickly, while attacking a target that wants to neutralize it before attacking the structure. Lately many videos have been seen where we see her completely neutralizing large monsters like giants or PEKKAS, among others. 

Currently, there is a main challenge related to mount ram where we will be forced to play with him. Remember that the first registration for this challenge is free, so we present you different decks that we consider the most suitable for playing this new card in the best arenas and under the best conditions.

Three Musketeers + Thief

Ice Bait

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Thief + PEKKA

Three Musketeers Bomb

The Ram Rider at the top!

Until the beginning of February 2022, the Ram Rider benefits from a card level increase. Clearly, it will automatically increase to our king's rook level when we play it. For example, if your Clash Royale account is level 13, your Ram Rider will be level 13 until early February. Few free-to-play players can take advantage of legendary cards at high levels, so this is a great opportunity to learn how to play this card without reducing the potential of your decks.

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