Clash Royale: Advanced Game Tips, Tricks and Strategies

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Power up your decks much faster and learn the most advanced mechanics in the game.

Clash Royale feels like a basic strategy game until you find all the complicated card interactions and hidden mechanics. While anyone can jump into some battles and have fun, getting to the top leaderboards can take hours and hours of practice and battle.

This guide will help you turn 4+ years of hard work and slow progress into a shorter and more enjoyable journey without spending a single penny on the game. Below are some tips, tricks and strategies to take your Clash Royale skills to the next level and help you advance much faster in the game.

As conflicting as it may seem, upgrading all cards as soon as you have resources is the quickest way to run out.

So what to do?

Focus on building decks, not individual cards. Build a deck yourself or choose a meta deck (more on that later) and just upgrade the cards used in those decks .

Focus on upgrading the 8 cards of your 'main' deck first. Card upgrades cost a LOT of gold in this game, and you'll only hurt your progress if you waste your gold on cards that aren't part of your main deck.

Balance and synergy are important

Build a deck that has a balance of land units, flying units, buildings, and spells. Playing with a deck of only spawners or spells won't help you win many games.

A popular Golem deck with a balance of support cards, defensive units, and spells. In general, you'll want to incorporate the following strategies when building your decks, but feel free to experiment with your own decks until you find one that crushes your opponents consistently:

  1. An average elixir costs between 2,5 – 4,5: A deck that's too expensive will make it difficult to counter your opponents' attacks, and a deck that's too cheap may not have enough firepower.
  2. The “victory condition”: cards you rely on to build your 'main' push. These are usually target troops in formation, and the entire deck is built around the win condition. Some of the best win conditions in Clash Royale are Hog Rider, Golem, Lava Hound, Giant, Graveyard, etc.
  3. Support troops: can be ground troops or flying troops that you will use in conjunction with your victory condition during the attack. For example, good support troops for Golem can be Night Wight and Baby Dragon. Likewise, for Hog Rider, they can be Ice Golem or Valkyrie.
  4. Defensive cards: What do you expect when your opponent approaches with a bunch of heavy hitters and all you have are three skeletons with their little switchblades? Not pleasant. Include solid defensive units (like Ice Wizard or Goblin Gang) and possibly a defensive building (like Tesla or Bomb Tower) in your deck.
  5. Spells: there are hardly any good decks in Clash Royale without a spell. Not only can a damage-dealing spell keep your opponent from rushing forward with big pushes, but it's also a surefire way to consistently damage your enemies' Crown Towers.

join a clan

Most players already know how vital clans are in Clash Royale. You can join a clan once you reach level 3. Doing so has a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Clan Wars.
  • Donating and requesting cards (and now exchanging) from other clan members. This will help you and your friends to update your deck much faster.
  • Friendly battles to improve your skills and test different decks without risking losing trophies.
  • In-game chat to discuss strategies and other tips.

It's a win-win situation! The only thing to ensure is that the clan is active and reliable.

Use Meta Decks to win more games

Winning at Clash Royale requires your “current metagame” to be strong. The meta changes with each balance update and each new card is released. So unless you're playing for the sole purpose of leisure, it's very important that you use a deck that is either the meta or one that counters the meta.

But how do you know what the meta is?Deck Shop ProFree friendly decks to climb trophies.

The easiest way to know this is by looking at resources like Deck Shop Pro, Stats Royale or RoyaleAPI. You can find all popular decks from the current meta and decks used by all top players.

Participate in challenges and tournaments

Global tournaments are hosted each season and have a unified leaderboard for everyone. Opening chests and climbing the ladder is fine, but you can only progress so far in the game by doing just that.

Make sure you complete all events e special challenges . Keep in mind that some of these challenges are only unlocked when you are at a certain level.

In addition to seasonal tournaments, Clash Royale hosts a number of special challenges and other events throughout the season. Make sure you finish them. These events reward you with bonus gold, magic items, cards, and various chests, which are essential for upgrading your level and building new decks. Also, you can unlock new cards after their launch if you complete their launch events.

You can also pay Gems to enter a Classic or Global Challenge, but only when you have experience in the game. Otherwise, you will simply be wasting jewelry.

battle strategies

Manage your Elixir Wisely

As gold is the most valuable resource for progressing in the game, Elixir is the most valuable resource during battles. Elixir management can be summarized in the points given below:

Unless you're waiting for your opponent to make the first move, don't wait until the elixir bar is full.

  1. Do not leak the elixir: during battles your elixir bar constantly replenishes and if you are taking full elixir it is just leaking. This is important, especially when your opponent has already played a card, as this will give him a significant advantage.
  2. Don't overcommit to defense: try to defend effectively with minimal cards, while minimizing damage to your Crown towers. You don't need to use multiple cards to defend a solo Hog Rider, which can be fully countered with a 4-Elixir Tesla or 3-Elixir Tornado.
  3. Stop pushing when low on elixir: this is a big mistake made by beginners! Know when to stop pushing. Sending troops when you don't have any elixir to back them up will allow your opponent to easily counterattack and rack up a great counterattack.

The Art of Running

Combine two or more troops to increase the damage dealt to your enemy. In the image above, the Hell Dragon and Graveyard are used to support the Giant.

Combine two or more troops to increase the damage dealt to your enemy. In the image above, the Hell Dragon and Graveyard are used to support the Giant.

As you continue to play Clash Royale, you will learn that most of the time,  it's better to build big pushes instead of sending one troop at a time .

Patience is the key!

It's tempting to throw too many troops at enemies and hope their towers fall to ruin. But that rarely happens.

The only time it is sensible to attack with a solo unit is when the opponent is running an elixir deficit. Send out a single troop when they have enough elixir to defend and you will see them defeated.

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Also, pair any of your remaining troops after a successful defense with other units to counterattack.

Tips for an unbreakable defense

Most of your attack strategy will revolve around successfully defending an attack and then counterattacking. You should keep track of your opponent's win condition and save the best counters for that. But try to change the defense; otherwise, the opponent can make a predictive move. Also, remember the following basic principles when defending:

  1. Try activating your King Tower at the beginning of the game: this is an advanced mechanic that most beginners are unaware of. You can intelligently activate your own King Tower by letting it take damage. Activated King Tower can help in defense alongside Princess Towers.

Using Tornado to activate King Tower with a Hog Rider. Use the Tornado when the Hog is about to hit the Princess Tower.

For example, when your opponent drops a Hog Rider on the bridge, you can pull him to the King's Tower with a Tornado or Fisherman.

  • Space your troops: placing all your troops nearby means your opponent can destroy all your defense with a single spell or troops that deal damage.
  • It's okay to take damage: Yes, you heard right! You can take some damage if you can, because you'll need that elixir to build a massive attack. In cases where your turret's HP is too low and you need to focus on pushing the other lane, ditch that unhealthy turret.

In a Clash Royale battle, your chances of winning heavily revolve around your execution of positive elixir trades . This brings up the point discussed earlier that you should never over-commit on defense.

Learn from the pros (and from your own mistakes)

TV Royale can be found in the hamburger menu on the home screen.

Clash Royale has a very cool and unique feature called Tv royale . It's like Clash Royale's YouTube and shows full replays of matches from top players across all arenas.

You can literally watch the most mind-blowing matches happening in the game, see what decks they use and how they use opposing cards in ways you never imagined.

Also, you can see replays of your own battles on Activity record and learn from your mistakes to consistently improve in the game.

Advanced Clash Royale Tips

Discover your opponent's deck

This is something that comes second nature to professionals and is a useful skill to learn. However, it's not easy and requires knowledge of current meta and popular decks.

Try to guess what other cards they might be using. Also, try to remember all of your opponent's cards as he plays them. There are only 8 of them in a match, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

For example, if you see an opponent cycling through an Ice Spirit, Skeletons, and Ice Golem, you can guess that it's a 2.6-Elixir Hog Cycle deck. Likewise, someone who has just played a Bandit and Electro Wizard is likely running a Pekka Bridge-Spam deck. Again, check out resources like to learn more about popular decks.

Remember your opponent's cycle to know exactly which cards he has at any given moment. If you notice they don't have a building or a ground counter on hand, feel free to run with your Giant Knight or Pig.

Elixir counting

Elixir counting, just like card counting, seems like a daunting task for beginners and even experienced players. Well, it can be easy if you follow a few basics.

You don't necessarily need to keep an exact count of your opponent's elixir after each card. An easier way to look at this is to determine how much of an advantage or disadvantage you have.

here are some examples:

  1. Your opponent drives a Musketeer (4-Elixir) behind your Princess Tower, and you use it as a Rocket (6-Elixir). You are now at -2 elixir .
  2. You neutralize a Goblin Barrel (3-Elixir) with Arrows (3-Elixir). This is neutral trade.
  3. You play a Hog Rider (4-Elixir), and your opponent counters with an Inferno Tower (5-Elixir). You have +1 elixir advantage.

Of course, the more cards that are played, the more complex it is to keep track of the elixir. But elixir counting is a beneficial skill once you get the hang of it, but it certainly takes time to master.

Using bait strategy

A decoy card is used to draw a hard counter to your victory condition so you can use it freely. We are not talking about any specific deck. Any deck can have a bait card.

The best way to explain this would be through examples:

Prince Bait deck with various bait cards.

A classic example of a bait strategy is the Prince Log Bait deck. Here, the win condition is Goblin Barrel or Prince. The hardest against Goblin Barrel is the Log. So you have several cards (Princess, Goblin Gang, Rascals, Dart Goblin) that can force the spell out of your opponent's hand.

A deck of three musketeers with the Minion Horde and Elixir Collector as the bait cards.

Likewise, someone with a deck of Three Musketeers needs to bait big spells like Fireball or Lightning. They do this by using Barbarians, Minion Horde or Elixir Collector as bait cards.

This applies to you and your opponent.

Try to figure out your bait strategies and don't fall for them. If they use your princess on the bridge, don't immediately use The Log because your next move would likely be a Goblin Barrel on your tower.


Last but not least, we have the most coveted and sophisticated trick in all of Clash Royale – Forecasts.

Imagine that. You are pushing with a prince and he is about to cross the bridge. If you know the opponent has a swarm card, such as Skeleton Army, use Log preemptively to get it. So BAM! The Log annihilates the Skeleton Army before it can even show its signs of existence. Tower down!!!

Well, predictions are rare. And to say that they are part of someone's strategy would be a far-fetched way of putting it. But it's an extremely satisfying feeling when you do.

The only way to predict your opponents is to figure out their decks and remember the cycle of their cards. You'll know exactly which counters they have on hand and you'll be one step ahead of them.

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