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    Clash of Clans: How to Defeat Inferno Tower

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    While the Inferno Tower used to be a somewhat exclusive defense for the higher leagues only, it has reached everyone for quite some time. Today, if you own Town Hall 8 or higher, you will often be confronted with the Inferno Tower. Therefore, this guide is intended to help everyone defeat the Inferno Tower. But what makes this tower so brutal? Here are some reasons:

    • Corrodes all healing effects
    • In Single Mode, he will deal brutal damage, especially against Heroes, Golems, and PEKKA.
    • In Multiplayer Mode, he will devour attack compositions with lots of troops.

    How can you defeat the Inferno Tower?

    There is no single answer. There are a few ways to do this and we'll show you some of them below.

    First of all, the Inferno Tower isn't always as big of a danger as you might think. When you attack with Hog Riders and see an Inferno Tower Single Target, you don't have to be so scared. When you attack with Golems, the Inferno Multi Target Tower isn't much of a problem either. Just seriously think about which Inferno Tower Mode is going to hurt you the most.

    However, this is just the first thought you should have. Just because the multimode Inferno Tower isn't affecting your heroes and golems doesn't mean you can ignore it. Your mages will know how brutal the Inferno Tower can be, and unfortunately, your heroes and golems aren't doing enough damage to be able to ignore them. What you need is a plan to defeat the enemy while your troops take as little damage as possible from the Inferno Tower.

    You have fire, I have magic!

    In most cases, you'll have to face the Inferno Towers right in the center and there's a lot that will happen on the way to them. Therefore, the towers of hell can only be fought properly with spells.

    One of the most useful spells here is the Freezing Spell, which is a somewhat unique spell and not available to everyone who has to deal with Inferno Towers. So, let's talk about some spell combinations and see how they work against Inferno Towers.

    Fighting the Inferno Tower with Freezing Spells

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    The Freezing Spell is the most efficient way to fight the Inferno Tower, but you must be careful with the deployment time. The Freezing Spell will only take the Inferno Tower off the market for a short period and you need to use that period well. Here are two basic rules for timing your Freezing Spell against the Inferno Towers:

    • When fighting an Inferno Tower in Multi-Mode, use its freeze spells the moment it starts targeting your sorcerers, neither before nor after. She will deal constant damage, so you need to freeze her as much as possible.
    • When fighting in single target mode, the best time is to take her down when she hits your PEKKA, Golem, or Heroes. The first damage isn't that high so you can wait 2 seconds when he starts dealing damage to them. Don't use it when targeting other troops, because it's slow and a single troop can give you extra time.

    No Freezing Spells against Inferno Towers

    There are workarounds, but in the end you'll need Freezing Spells to constantly deal with Inferno Towers. The only way to really deal with them as TH8 (or lower) is in a very rushed base with 1 Inferno Tower (eg in Clan Wars to become a hero)

    You will need to invest a lot of lightning spells to destroy it, but those 4 lightning spells will be lost and the space cannot be used for other spells, which you really need.

    When it's just a tier 1 Inferno Tower on a hurried basis, you can try your luck with the pigs if you're set to single mode. In this case, it matters to what extent the other defenses are upgraded.

    Inferno Tower always targets the first troops that enter its radius. There are a lot of tactics out there involving a timed Lava Hound or a few Giants alongside Golems, but they only work when the weather is perfect, otherwise they're just a waste of dwelling space.

    Maybe you expected some serious secret tip, but in the end there are only these 2 ways to deal with Inferno Towers:

    • Make sure you know when the Inferno Tower is dangerous for your attack.
    • Freeze it and/or get your troops to the core as quickly as possible.

    Sad but true. There's no way to give other ways when there aren't any, but maybe we can help some of you out of having a bad time with those experimental troop compositions out there.

    Stay tuned on our website for more news and news about the world of games. Take care and until next time!

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