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    Chivalry 2: The best weapons

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    Make sure you use the best weapons in chivalry 2

    chivalry 2 gives players access to a dizzying array of weapons of different types. Each has its own set of pros and cons – but inevitably, for some weapons, the pros outweigh the cons. If you want the best chance of reaching the top of the leaderboard in any match, check out our list of best weapons in chivalry 2 below.

    Chivalry 2 best weapons

    Your choice of weapon in Chivalry 2 is not as important as it is in some other medieval horror games like Mordhau. It's all pretty balanced, all things considered. But of course there are certain weapons that have come to the top in terms of effectiveness and therefore popularity.

    Below, I'll talk in more detail about six of the best weapons in Chivalry 2: Messer, Short Sword, Longsword, Polehammer, Maul, and Halberd. Each of them offers a unique combination of perks that can tip the scales of any fight in your favor, whether it's a 1v1 duel or a chaotic 1vX mosh pit.

    Messer: the best weapon in Chivalry 2

    Most players agree that the Messer is the best weapon in Chivalry 2 right now. This beastly two-handed sword deals tremendous damage with all of its attack types and is surprisingly fast for its size. The Messer's range means you'll only be visibly outnumbered by phenomenally long weapons like the halberd and two-handed spear; otherwise, you are likely to be the one to outrun the enemy. A phenomenal weapon both in 1v1s and outnumbered.

    • Available for: Raider (Vanguard 2), Crusader (Knight 3)
    • Damage Type: Cut

    short sword

    The short sword is incredibly strong considering it's a secondary weapon. It is capable of going toe-to-toe with most primary weapons in terms of damage, and while its range is obviously insufficient, its speed can completely overwhelm even experienced players if the pace shifts in its favor. It all takes a single good hit, and his barrage of quick jabs and hard-to-read feints can end a fight in seconds.

    • Available for: Longbowman (Archer 1), Crossbowman (Archer 2), Ambusher (Vanguard 3), Poleman (Minion 1), Man-at-Arms (Minion 2), Guardian (Knight 2)
    • Damage Type: Cut

    long sword

    The Longsword is a great all-rounder and comes very close to matching the Messer – close enough, in fact, that most players probably won't feel much difference in effectiveness. The range and damage of the longsword make its blows particularly devastating, but the real power of the longsword is its versatility. It is a weapon that will do you good in any attack in any situation.

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    • Available to: Officer (Knight 1)
    • Damage Type: Cut


    The Polehammer is possibly my favorite weapon to use at the moment. It's a blunt weapon, meaning it does tremendous damage to Knights and, to a lesser extent, Minions as well. The downside is that it doesn't swing to hit multiple enemies unless you use a heavy attack, which slightly limits its effectiveness in 1vX scenarios. But it's fast, has great range and incredible damage across the board.

    • Available for: Poleman (Footman 1)
    • Damage type: Blunt (+50% against Knights, +35% against Footmen)


    The Maul is the slowest and highest damage weapon in Chivalry 2. It is a difficult weapon to master and you will be severely punished for missing a hit; but what saves the Maul from mediocrity is that if you land a hit, you can immediately start the next hit, which means that as long as you connect, the Maul won't feel so slow. Add to that the fact that she can fire two shots at any enemy (unless you stab, which does less damage), and you have a truly terrifying weapon, particularly in the hands of a skilled fighter.

    • Available for: Devastator (Vanguard 1)
    • Damage type: bashing (+50% against knights, +35% against minions)


    Halberd's claim to fame is that it is the longest weapon in Chivalry 2 according to in-game stats. It does decent damage across the board, but the real strength of the Halberd is that if you learn to utilize your range properly, enemies will have a very hard time closing the distance between you. It is effectively a zoning tool that punishes players for trying to push you. If you don't perform well in 1vX situations, Halberd will help keep enemies at bay so you don't get overwhelmed as often.

    • Available for: Poleman (Footman 1)
    • Damage Type: Chop (+25% vs Knights, +17,5% vs Footmen)

    These are my picks for the best weapons in chivalry 2 now. While you're here, be sure to get a full picture of the current meta by reading our best class and subclass page at chivalry 2 .

    Image Credits: Torn Banner Studios

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