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    Chivalry 2: Support for crossplay between PC and consoles, does it exist?

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    know if chivalry 2 supports crossplay between PC e consoles.

    chivalry 2 was released for users of PC, Xbox e Playstation at the same time on June 8, but many players are still confused about who exactly they are playing on these bloodied battlegrounds and what device they might be using to play the game.

     Below I will answer the question: Chivalry 2 tem crossplay? And I will also explain if there is anything that can or needs to be done about it.


    Sim, Chivalry 2 tem crossplayThis means that you will be able to play with and against players who are on devices and consoles other than your own. players of PC, players of Xbox and players of Playstation they can get busy chopping off each other's heads without any problem.

    There is no configuration crossplay no menu de Chivalry 2 : it is activated automatically and there is no way to deactivate it. This is unlikely to change in the future, but if it does, I will update this page with the latest information.

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    It also seems that there is no way to know if a certain player is playing in the PC or consul. There is no icon next to their names, as you can find in many other games with crossplay

    Fonte: Torn Banner Studios

    This isn't a terrible surprise, because whether or not someone has access to marksmanship assistance is far less important in a melee game like chivalry 2 than in a shooter. But it would still be very interesting to see who is playing on which machine.

    In any case, this answers the question of whether thecrossplay exist in chivalry 2 (in case you missed it, the answer is yes). 

    While you're here, be sure to refresh your cavalry skills with our tips for winning any fight, even when outnumbered. Elsewhere is our handbook on the best guns in chivalry 2 and the best classes and subclasses to use. All this on our page GAMER PORTAL.

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