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Castle Clash has a ton of heroes and deciding which ones to focus on can be incredibly difficult because you don't know which ones really help you in the long run, right? Also, upgrading a hero in Castle Clash is expensive and takes time and you don't want to waste it on a hero that just isn't worth it.

We've put together a tier list of the best heroes, looking at how they perform in key game modes (plus a few other things, but more on that later) to give you a list that will help you choose the heroes you'll focus on in Castle Clash.

Tier List Explanation

Before taking a look at the list, please read some general instructions on how we made this list and how you should get the information when using it of choice.

About the Tiers

The heroes were separated into Tier S (Extremely Strong), Tier A (Very Strong), Tier B (Strong), Tier C (Average) and Tier D (Weak).

For each game mode, you will find a level rating that will show a maxed hero's performance here. There's also a total level that takes all game modes into the equation.

Game modes in Castle Clash

Not all game modes are equally important in Castle Clash when it comes to rewards. For this reason, we have also prioritized the game modes that will give you better rewards to have more influence on the total score.

Remember that the total score reflects this view. For example, we didn't rate Arena as very important, so the tier in Arena has the least impact on the total score. If you prioritize Arena in Castle Clash, the column with Arena is more important to you than a hero's total level.

  • Guild War, Dungeons, HBM, Ember Army, Hero Trials have 100% impact on a hero's total level
  • Team Dungeons, Lost Battlefield, Narcia have 75% impact
  • Fortress Feud, Archdemon, Lostland, Lost Realm, Labyrinth, Blitz tĂŞm 50% de impacto
  • Arena has 25% impact

Without further ado, here's our Castle Clash Heroes Tier List:

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