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    Castle Clash: Best Builds for each hero in the game

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    Not sure which build to use for your heroes in Castle Clash? Well, that's not surprising with so many talents, badges, enchantments, and so many heroes available, it could be a lot of different things.

    Below you will find an updated list of heroes and the best build you can use with them to help you get the best results with your heroes.

    talents and badges

    The hard thing when it comes to feats and badges is finding the ones that work best on a hero, although some are more effective overall. We have brief explanations about them here so you understand why they work.

    Below you will find the most common ones for all heroes that will help you decide where to place them.

    Sacred Light / Flame Guard is one of the most common settings for most heroes simply because you have the best defense buffs that will help your hero stay alive longer. Probably the most default settings for most heroes if you don't know what to use.

    Wicked Armor works great in combinations with Sacred Light and Flame Guard to increase attack and also limit the reflected damage you take.

    Empower is mostly used for heroes that rely heavily on fast and frequent damage.

    There are a few others that work better on individual heroes, so please check the list below to see our recommendation for each hero in Castle Clash.


    Without much doubt, you can put Holy Conviction on basically any hero as it will give them more survivability and let them last longer on the battlefield. There are a few exceptions (see below), but for most heroes it's the most useful enchantment to use.

    Talent, badge, and enchantment recommendations for each hero

    As stated above, using all heroes with the same configuration is not correct, and creating a build for each hero is almost impossible unless you want to spend a family house with real money in Castle Clash.

    We have recommended and possible configurations here to run, so check what you have and think about alternative settings you can run.

    Keep in mind that talents/badges are also swappable and are not in ranked order, this means you can run the different ones and see which setup will work best for you. Heroes are in alphabetical order.

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