Capcom celebrates the release of Resident Evil Village by drawing a giant Lycan on the hillside

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Resident Evil Village begins to terrify fans today, and if you're a UK resident living in the Somerset area, you may have noticed or heard of a giant lycan lured to a nearby hillside that intrigued residents last week. No, it's not the work of any supernatural phenomenon or malicious pranks. Capcom took it upon themselves to promote the arrival of Village, creating a unique version of one of its deadliest enemies.  

The lycan chalk installation measures 58m high and over 100m long. Capcom doesn't give an exact location, but it's situated somewhere between the grassy hills between the villages of Somerset and Blackdown Hills. For those unaware, the English countryside has historically been filled with similar art on the slopes and this latest addition appeared a week ago before Capcom raised its hand to claim responsibility (I can only assume the game's title was added by last). According to the editor, the massive beast took less than 24 hours to create. Best of all, it can even light up, creating a nighttime spectacle. 

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“To celebrate the release of the latest installment, Resident Evil Village, we are thrilled to have brought you one of the new, most iconic and fearsome enemies players will encounter within the game in a whole new way.” says Village producer Tsuyoshi Kanda.

I've heard of far more disastrous ways to creatively promote a great game, so kudos to Capcom for pulling off a cool feat that also feels Village-appropriate. There's no information on how long the lycan will stay, so it's probably a good idea to stop by if you're a Resident Evil fan who lives near the area. The rest of us will have to make do with just playing Resident Evil Village, which wowed us with its fantastic balance of action and horror.

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