Canceled Lego Batman Movie 2 Was Written By Dan Harmon And Loki Creator

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The Lego Batman 2 movie is apparently dead after a rights issue. But original director Chris McKay has revealed details of what Lego Batman 2 would look like if WB retained access to the Lego license.

In an interview with Collider for his upcoming film War Tomorrow, McKay shared details about the Lego sequel, starting with the writing team that included Rick and Morty's Dan Harmon and Loki creator Michael Waldron.

“Dan and Waldron did a first draft of the script that was really great,” says McKay. “It was truly epic… both from an action point of view and from a story point of view.”

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The structure for the sequel was apparently similar to Godfather Part 2 (because, of course) and mapped out how Batman's relationship with the Justice League and Superman began, and how it evolved over the years.

While the first Lego Batman movie was about Batman's relationship with Robin and touched on themes like fatherhood, the sequel was more about "Friendship. And change. It was about how hard it is to change. To commit to change. To stay on the new road you've dug for yourself. Especially when maybe you weren't such a good guy to your friends. ”

WB previously produced the Lego Batman Movie and the other Lego films, which in turn gave Lego access to WB characters (such as Batman). However, Universal snatched the rights to the Lego franchise with an exclusive deal, causing Lego to no longer be able to work with WB characters from the DC universe.

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