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    Can Elden Ring be played offline?

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    Elden Ring is a game with an interesting online component, but players are wondering if they can enjoy this captivating world offline. Well, we have all the answers and more here.

    Elden Ring is set to release in the coming weeks and players are looking forward to stepping into this new soulsbourne adventure and discovering all its secrets.

    Like most From Software games, Elden Ring will feature a unique online multiplayer mode. It's a staple of their games at this point and we've seen it in Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

    While players eagerly await more details on the world of Elden Ring after the official release of the required PC specs, others are wondering if they will be able to enjoy this game while offline.

    Will Elden Ring be playable offline?

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    April 1th 2022

    Players will be happy to hear that Elden Ring will be fully playable offline.

    So players afraid of being invaded and killed by other players can breathe a sigh of relief. The full game world of Elden Ring can be experienced in multiplayer.

    Players looking to play with friends on different platforms may be disappointed.

    But it does come with some downsides for newer players. When playing online at Elden Ring, players are at risk of being hacked. This means that other players can actively choose to invade your world and hunt you down.

    Sometimes, all you need to survive is an Elden Ring class that suits your playstyle. Other times, you just want to enjoy your time with the game alone.

    So it's good that From Software gives players the option to simply play offline and avoid that altogether. This is also great news for players who suffer from inconsistent connections.

    Losing your network in the middle of a tough boss fight can be rage-inducing.

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