Builds And Runes: The Gnar Champion's Guide

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Gnar is a champion fighter. His kit allows the champion to deal damage and keep himself in a safe position, in addition to being decisive in team fights, thanks to the large amount of damage and crowd control that the champion can inflict. Typically, this champion is used in the top lane.

Champion Description

“Gnar is a primal yordle whose playful antics can erupt into childish rage in an instant, transforming him into a gigantic beast hell-bent on destruction. Frozen in True Ice for millennia, this curious creature broke free and now hops through a changed world that she sees as exotic and wondrous. Enchanted by danger, Gnar throws everything he can at his enemies, be it his boomerang or a nearby building.”

Gnar's abilities

(Passive) Genetic Rage: While in combat, Gnar generates Fury. When you reach maximum Fury, your next ability will transform you into Mega-Gnar, granting you more survivability and access to new abilities.

(Q) Boomerang / Cobblestone: Gnar throws a boomerang that damages and Slows enemies it hits before returning to him. If he catches the boomerang, his cooldown is reduced. Mega Gnar hurls a boulder that lands on the first unit hit, dealing damage and Slowing anything nearby. It can then be picked up to reduce its cooldown.

(W) Hyperactive / Shake: Gnar's attacks and abilities animate him, dealing bonus damage and granting Movement Speed. Mega Gnar becomes too enraged to be hyperactive. Instead, he can hop on two legs and strike the area in front of him, stunning enemies in the area.

(E) Jump/Bump: Gnar leaps to a location and hits the head of any unit it lands on, moving further. Mega Gnar is too big to jump, and instead lands hard to shatter the ground, dealing splash damage around it.

(R) GNAR!: Mega Gnar throws everything nearby in a chosen direction, dealing damage and Slowing. Any enemy that hits a wall is stunned and takes additional damage.

Gnar Builds and Runes

These are currently the most used runes for this champion. (Patch 10.13)

It is worth remembering that the secondary runes can be changed depending on your opponents.

Evolution of in-game skills

Below is how most players evolve their champion's skills in-game.

most used spells

The most used spells for this champion are:

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  • Flash
  • teleport

most used items

The items shown below are the ones most used by Gnar players. It is worth remembering that some items can be changed according to opposing champions.

Starting Items

  • Doran's Blade
  • potion of life

End Items

  • Black Cleaver
  • Tabi Ninja
  • Mallet frozen
  • Death dance
  • Randuin's Omen
  • Armor of Thorns

Gnar Tips and Tricks

  • Watch your anger bar carefully. Transforming into Mega Gnar gives you an instant HP boost that can surprise your opponents.
  • The (Q) Boomerang skill applies the passive of (W) Hyperactive while slowing targets hit. This facilitates the benefit of Hyperactive's three hits.
  • When using the (E) Leap/Bump ability to transform into Mega Gnar, the ability causes you to jump off your target and fall back as Mega Gnar .
  • (E) Leap skill can be used to jump over enemies and allies, but also over elements such as Thresh's lantern or Jarvan IV's flag.
  • Use your (R)GNAR skill! in team fight as early as possible and with as many targets as possible, to allow you and your allies to use as many spells/controls as possible.
  • It is preferable to perform two basic attacks and then a boomerang on a single target. The boomerang will be able to activate (W) Hyper as soon as the target is out of range of basic attacks.
  • If you get caught with a blow to the back, you can use the (E) Leap skill on the attacker to jump over him and escape.

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