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Jhin is a champion marksman. It has a different mechanic than other marksmen, in which stats such as attack speed and critical hit are converted into attack damage. Although he doesn't have any movement-oriented abilities, his passive makes the champion mobile due to his acquired movement speed. Typically, this champion is used in the bot lane, in the marksman role.

Champion Description

“Jhin is a meticulous criminal psychopath who believes that murder is an art. Once an Ionian prisoner, but freed by shady members of Ionia's regimental council, the serial killer now works as his collusion assassin. Using his own weapon as a brush, Jhin creates artistically brutal works, horrifying victims and spectators. He takes cruel pleasure in putting on his nefarious stagings, making him the ideal choice for conveying the most powerful of messages: terror.”

Jhin's Abilities

(Passive) Whisper: Jhin's cannon, Whisper, is a precision instrument created to deal heavy damage. It fires at a fixed frequency and only carries four projectiles. Jhin enchants the final projectile with dark magic to deal critical strike and additional execution damage. Whenever Whisper critically strikes, it inspires Jhin with Movement Speed.

(Q) Dancing Grenade: Jhin launches a magic cartridge at an enemy. It can hit up to four targets and stacks damage each time it takes a kill.

(W) Deadly Bloom: Jhin swings his cane, delivering a single shot with incredible range. It passes through troops and monsters, but stops at the first champion hit. If the target was recently hit by Jhin's allies, Lotus Traps, or received damage from Jhin, it will be rooted.

(E) Captive Audience: Jhin places an invisible lotus trap that blooms when stepped on. It slows nearby enemies before dealing damage with a burst of jagged petals. Beauty in Death – When Jhin kills an enemy champion, a lotus trap will bloom next to his corpse.

(R) Acclaim: Jhin channels, transforming Whisper into a mega-shoulder cannon. She is able to do 4 super shots with extreme range that go through troops and monsters, but stop on the first champion hit. Whisper cripples enemies hit, which reduces their speed and increases their execution damage. The 4th shot is perfectly done, of epic power and guarantees a critical hit.

Builds and Runes of Jhin

These are currently the most used runes for this champion. (Patch 10.14)

It is worth remembering that the secondary runes can be changed depending on your opponents.

Evolution of in-game skills

Below is how most players evolve their champion's skills in-game.

most used spells

The most used spells for this champion are:

  • Flash
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  • Heal

most used items

The items shown below are the ones most used by Jhin players. It is worth remembering that some items can be changed according to opposing champions.

Starting Items

  • Doran's Blade
  • potion of life

End Items

  • Infinito tires
  • Boots of Swiftness
  • smoking cannon
  • switchblade rain
  • ghost dancer
  • Guardian angel

Jhin's Tips and Tricks

  • The (Q) Dancing Grenade skill has its damage amplified when it kills the target it jumps on. Try to kill 3 minions before the grenade bounces on the enemy champion.
  • The (W) Deadly Bloom skill can immobilize an opponent, on the one hand if you previously attacked them with a basic attack, on the other hand if it touches a little (E) Captive Audience, or finally if one of your allies hits the champion target somehow.
  • His fourth basic attack and his fourth projectile of (R) Acclamation deal additional damage based on the target's lost HP.

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