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    Builds And Runes: Champion's Guide Nunu and Willump

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    Nunu and Willump is a tank champion. In addition to having great crowd control potential in their abilities, Nunu and Willump are very powerful in neutral objective fights, as they can do more damage than their opponent's punches with their abilities. Typically, this champion is used in the wild.

    Champion Description

    “Once upon a time, there was a boy who wanted to prove to everyone that he could be a hero by going to kill a terrible monster… but who in the end found out that this monster was a lonely magical yeti who just wanted a friend. Bound by an ancient power and sharing a love of snowballs, Nunu and Willump now roamed fiercely across the Freljord, breathing life into imaginary adventures. They hoped that somewhere they would find Nunu's mother. If they could save her, maybe they really would be heroes after all…”

    Nunu and Willump's Abilities

    (Passive) Freljord's Call: Nunu increases the Attack and Movement Speed ​​of Willump and a nearby ally, and causes Willump's basic attacks to damage enemies around the target.

    (Q) Consume: Willump bites an enemy minion, monster, or champion, dealing damage and healing himself.

    (W) Biggest Snowball Ever!: Willump creates a snowball that increases in speed and size as he rolls it. It damages enemies and knocks them into the air.

    (E) Snowball Flurry: Nunu hurls multiple snowballs that damage enemies. When finished, Willump roots any champions or large monsters that were hit by one of them.

    (R) Absolute Zero: Nunu and Willump create a powerful blizzard in an area, slowing enemies and dealing massive damage when it ends.

    Builds and Runes of Nunu and Willump

    These are currently the most used runes for this champion. (Patch 10.15)

    It is worth remembering that the secondary runes can be changed depending on your opponents.

    Evolution of in-game skills

    Below is how most players evolve their champion's skills in-game.

    most used spells

    The most used spells for this champion are:

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    • Flash
    • To strike

    most used items

    The items shown below are the ones most used by Nunu and Willump players. It is worth remembering that some items can be changed according to opposing champions.

    Starting Items

    • Hunter's Talisman
    • Potion with Refill

    End Items

    • Enchantment: Burning Titan
    • Mercury Steps
    • Dead man's breastplate
    • spiritual countenance
    • Armor of Thorns
    • Gargolytic plate

    Tips and Tricks from Nunu and Willump

    • The Freljord's Call (Passive) skill targets the allied champion with the highest attack speed, so don't necessarily try to be in melee combat to specifically buff them.
    • The (Q) Consume skill can be cast on champions. Healing is increased by 50% when Nunu and Willump are below 50% health.
    • The skill (W) The Biggest Snowball Ever! can be reactivated, and when you do, Nunu and Willump release the snowball and let it advance in a straight line.
    • The (E) Snowball Flurry skill does very little damage, but when you hit an enemy champion with it, you apply Frozen Link which immobilizes marked enemies for 1-2 seconds.
    • The (R) Absolute Zero skill slows the movement and attack speed of all targets in the area. It inflicts heavy damage over time. Combine (R) Absolute Zero and (E) Snowball Flurry to ensure your target takes maximum damage and stays within (R) Absolute Zero for as long as possible.

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