Builds and Runes: Champion Nami's Guide

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Nami is a support champion. Her skills provide various buffs for herself and her allies such as healing, movement speed and damage boost. Additionally, she has crowd control abilities that allow her to more effectively protect her allies. Typically, this champion is used in the bot lane, in the support role.

Champion Description

“A headstrong young vastaya of the seas, Nami is one of the first members of the Marai tribe to emerge from the waves and venture out onto dry land, where her old agreements with the Targonians were broken. With no other option, she decided that it would be herself who would complete the sacred ritual that would ensure the safety of her people. Within the chaos of this new era, Nami faces an uncertain future with courage and determination, using her Tide Caster to summon the very strength of the oceans.”

Nami's abilities

(Passive) Rising Tide: When Nami's abilities hit allied champions, they gain Movement Speed ​​for a short time.

(Q) Water Prison: Launches a bubble at the target area, dealing damage and stunning all enemies on impact.

(W) Ebb and Flow: Unleashes a jet of water that bounces between friendly and enemy champions, healing allies and damaging enemies.

(E) Conjurer's Blessing: Empowers an allied champion for a short duration. The ally's basic attacks and abilities deal bonus magic damage and slow the target.

(R) Raging Tide: Summons a large Raging Tide that launches into the air, slows and damages enemies hit. Allies hit receive the double effect of Rising Tide.

Builds and Runes of Nami

These are currently the most used runes for this champion. (Patch 10.15)

It is worth remembering that the secondary runes can be changed depending on your opponents.

Evolution of in-game skills

Below is how most players evolve their champion's skills in-game.

most used spells

The most used spells for this champion are:

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  • Flash
  • Fire

most used items

The items shown below are the ones most used by Nami players. It is worth remembering that some items can be changed according to opposing champions.

Starting Items

  • Arcane Thief's Edge
  • potion of life

End Items

  • Graal Profano de Athene
  • Mobility Boots
  • Ardent TurĂ­bulo
  • Redemption
  • Shurelya's daydream

Note: It's worth remembering that there are few matches in which support champions like Nami manage to finish all their items. It is also important to point out that the support item is extremely important for the champion, and its evolution should not be sold in the store.

Nami's Tips and Tricks

  • The (E) Conjurer's Blessing skill can also be used to slow down the enemy so you can hit (Q) Water Prison more easily.
  • Remember that (Passive) Rising Tide increases the movement speed of your allies. Don't hesitate to use your spells on your team members to make it easier for them to get around.
  • Nami is a very fragile champion. In fights, he stays behind his allies to support them while trapping enemies that get too close.

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