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Ashe is a champion with high damage potential and crowd control. Her kit with global abilities turns her into a champion with enormous support power. Her abilities and attacks slow her enemies, allowing the champion to deal damage more safely. Usually, the champion is used in the lower wheel, in the shooter role.

Champion Description

“The Iceborn warmother of the tribe of Avarosa, Ashe commands the most populous horde in the north. Stoic, intelligent, and idealistic, yet uncomfortable with her leadership role, she channels the ancient spells of her bloodline to wield a bow of True Ice. With her people's belief that Ashe would be the mythical heroine, Avarosa, reincarnated, she hopes to unify the Freljord once again, retaking her ancient tribal lands."

Ashe's abilities

(Passive) Frozen Shot: Ashe's attacks slow her target, causing her to deal even more damage to them. Ashe's critical strikes do not deal additional damage, but instead apply Empowered Slow to her target.

(Q) Concentration: Ashe accumulates Focus when attacking. When Focus is maxed out, Ashe can cast Concentration to consume all Focus stacks, temporarily increasing her Attack Speed ​​and turning her basic attack into a powerful flurry of attacks for the duration of the effect.

(W) Rajada: Ashe fires 9 arrows in a cone area to increase damage. She also applies Frozen Shot.

(E) Hawk's gaze: Ashe sends her Falcon Spirit on an exploration mission anywhere on the map.

(R) Enchanted Crystal Arrow: Ashe fires an ice projectile in a straight line. If the arrow collides with an enemy champion, it deals damage and stuns them. The duration of the stun depends on the distance traveled by the arrow. Additionally, nearby enemy units take damage and are slowed.

Build and Runes of Ashe

These are currently the most used runes for this champion. (Patch 10.12)

It is worth remembering that the secondary runes can be changed depending on your opponents.

Evolution of in-game skills

Below is how most players evolve their champion's skills in-game.

most used spells

The most used summoner spells for this champion are:

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  • Flash
  • Heal

most used items

The items shown below are the ones most used by Ashe players. It is worth remembering that some items can be changed according to opposing champions.

Starting Items

  • Doran's Blade
  • potion of life

End Items

  • Sword of the destroyed King
  • Berserker Greaves
  • Runaan Hurricane
  • Infinito tires
  • deadly reminder
  • Guardian angel

Ashe's Tips and Tricks

  • The slowdown provided by Ashe's abilities makes her a champion that excels at taking down her opponents, that is, attacking while moving, so you can deal maximum damage while maintaining a safe, defensive position.
  • The (Q) Concentration skill drastically increases your DPS, but the cooldown is quite long, so know when to use it.
  • The number of targets hit by (W) Flurry increases the number of stacks needed to activate (Q) Concentration.
  • The (Q) Concentration skill, by increasing Ashe's DPS, causes the champion to defeat neutral objectives quickly.
  • The ability (E) Hawk's Gaze allows Ashe to get an idea of ​​her opponents' position and stay safe, however, this ability has a high cooldown.

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