Brawl Stars: Tips for solving lag problems

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One of the most frustrating things that can happen in Brawl Stars is lag. If you don't know what we mean, it's when you can't really move or shoot because the red connection icon appears letting you know your connection is slow.

In this short guide, we'll show you what you can do if you have this problem.

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What is lag in Brawl Stars

First, we will briefly explain what this lag is so that you understand the problem.

So everything important in Brawl Stars is handled on the Supercell servers, they have all the information about your account and during a match they will also control everything that happens. You can see your device as nothing more than the visual input and output of information.

You put information in (these are your actions) and get it back (visually this is what is happening now), all positions and actions are only executed when the Supercell server gets them.

So if you do an action, like shoot or walk, that will be sent to the server which will recognize that and let all other players' devices know what you just did so they can see you're walking.

When you see how fast matches in Brawl Stars can be, you understand how fast this all needs to happen, as it usually happens in a matter of just a few milliseconds, so you don't really see a delay between your action and when the screen shows this action, right?

As long as all devices send their data simultaneously, the match will be balanced and all players will be able to continue playing. But what if that doesn't happen?

Lag is nothing more than a longer delay in your device information compared to others. This means that your device will send and receive information more slowly, so by the time you receive (or do) it, the game will already advance to another point. You practically played the game in the past.

And this is the moment when you will see the red connection icon on your device.

Source: Screenshot of the game

By the way, did you know that your connection speed also influences a lot during the combination?

How to fix lag issue?

Now, you understand that lag is a problem in the connection between your device and the Supercell server you are connected to.

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To fix it, you first need to understand where exactly the problem is.

your connection

The first step is to find out if your internet connection is the problem. It doesn't matter if you are connected via WiFi or if you are on a mobile internet connection (even 4G), your connection can be slow for many reasons.

Step 1: The first easy thing to do is to switch between WiFi and mobile internet to see if that fixes the problem.

Is it still a problem?

Step 2: Maybe your other connection is also very slow right now, so use a ping test to be sure. There are many websites and apps that can do this for you, just search for one.

About the ping, the ideal should be 20ms or less, but a little more than that should not interfere much. If your ping is close to that, then you're pretty sure your connection isn't the problem.

Note: Just because your phone says you're on 4G doesn't mean you'll always have full connection speed. If there are many others in the same cell, it can still be slow as a turtle.

If your connection is the issue, you will either use another one or wait/restart WiFi or whatever to get a more stable and faster connection. If the problem persists, you should contact your ISP.

If your ping is good then the problem is with Supercell's servers.

Supercell servers

There are millions of players out there and thousands of them in ongoing matches. If the number of players is too high, imagine how much load this places on the Supercell server, which needs to respond and calculate all incoming information in time.

If your connection is fine, the problem is the Supercell server or something that is on its way, and you have no control over it.

That means you will have to wait. Sometimes there are more players online than expected and it happens and there's really nothing you can do about it.

The future

The problem with the Supercell server has been much bigger in the past and they have been working continuously for the last few months. Still, there will be issues here and there that you can't change, so take a break and do something besides losing a match due to lag and getting really frustrated.

Stay tuned on our website for more news and news about the world of games. Take care and until next time!

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