Borderlands 3: How to Quickly Fill the Vault Card

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Borderlands 3 players looking to get items from the new Vault Card quickly can use some specific strategies to speed up the process.

O DLC do Director’s Cut para Borderlands 3 added the first of three Vault Cards to the game, with players now able to work towards obtaining all Fallen Heroes rewards. With exclusive legendary gear, items, and in-game currency to earn, Borderlands 3 fans are sure to want to have the card active while playing.

The Fallen Heroes Vault Card and all future Vault Cards will operate on an XP system. Borderlands 3 fans will see an extra progress bar added under their main level and Guardian rank, with that bar filling up faster the more XP you earn. As such, players will need to make use of some smart farming strategies to get rewards at a faster pace. There are also some XP buffs and a special reward trick to keep in mind.

Gaining XP Quickly

Borderlands 3 fans can rack up a ton of XP in Circles of Slaughter or through boss crafting. For Circles of Slaughter, the Slaughter Shaft arena is the most reliable way to get XP due to the large number of enemies available in the tight space. With most meat-based enemies with shields, electric and fire weaponry works wonders here. As for boss crafting, Graveward is the perfect choice as it should be easy enough for players who are maxed out to take it down. It's also worth noting that Mayhem Mode has no impact on XP gain rates, meaning players just looking to progress their Vault Cards should turn the difficulty option off.

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There are also daily and weekly challenges that Vault Card owners complete. They're simple to work with and players should keep them in mind whenever they're overwhelming a boss or hordes of smaller enemies. As for XP buffs, players must equip Moxxi's Endowment artifact if they have it unlocked. A maximum version will provide a 12% XP boost. The Borderlands Science machine also offers 25% XP boost tokens that players can redeem in-game. The effects of the artifact and token stack, meaning players can increase their XP gain rates by 37% with both equipped. Although the tokens last for a limited amount of time, they can be redeemed as much as players want.

The Smartest Unlock Strategy

As shown by YouTuber RestAssured, there is a specific unlocking strategy players should use when it comes to Vault Cards. Each time Borderlands 3 players unlock a Vault Card reward, they have a chance to obtain a Vault Card Key. These keys can be used to redeem any reward from the Fallen Heroes line, whether it's a cosmetic or one of the new Legendary weapons from the Director's Cut. However, players should prioritize the rewards that cost the least first.

This is because there is double protection for each reward, ensuring that players can only obtain each item once. As such, once all single-key rewards are obtained, players only have one chance to receive more expensive rewards. Additionally, once all cosmetic items are unlocked, players are guaranteed to obtain one of the Legendary items, Eridium, or the coveted Diamond Keys. With this strategy, players can get better quality rewards faster. When combined with clever use of XP buffs, completing challenges, and proper farming strategies, the cards should be much easier to progress.

Borderlands 3 now is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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