Blaze announces the new Evercade VS console

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A Blaze Entertainment, based in the UK, is releasing a successor to the Evercade handheld, dubbed the Evercade VS, still this year.

While the original Evercade was a handheld device, the Evercade VS is a home console with four-player controller ports.

The main selling point of the Evercade was that it used officially licensed cartridges from a variety of developers and publishers, including Namco, Interplay, CoatCodemasters , Data eastAtari , Technos e Piko.

The Evercade VS will play the same cartridges, with the exception of the two from Namco, because they were licensed for portable use only.

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The console will have two slots for cartridges, meaning players can pop in two at once and have a larger menu of games to choose from at any time without having to switch carts.

Since Evercade's save and load feature stores the data on the cartridges themselves, players will be able to play on handheld, remove the cartridge and continue your progress on the Evercade VS console.

Source: Evercade VS

“This is an extremely exciting time for Evercade, with new carts, new hardware and improved software becoming available,” said Andrew Byatt, managing director of Blaze.

“When we started this project, we believed that a physical-only console would work in an increasingly digital world, and the reaction was incredible. Today we will move to the next level. ”

Evercade VS will launch in November 2021, and pre-orders will open on May 28. 

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