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    Black Ops Cold War's Next Update Is Bad News For Shooters

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    Fonte: Call of Duty

    Weapon tuning and achieving a balanced meta are high on the game developer's agenda. Call of Duty: War zone Raven Software recently, and now Treyarch seems to be taking the same approach to Black ops cold war. In the Season 3 Reloaded update, a number of issues with certain weapon classes are being addressed to create more balance for the game's multiplayer modes.

    Probably the biggest change that will affect most players is a tuning pass on all sniper rifles in the game. This also addresses one of the most powerful aspects of the sniper in Cold War, the lack of hesitation. 

    Since the game's release, snipers have been very strong due to the fact that you can still aim with incredible accuracy even if you're being filled with bullets. THE Treyarch says he's now designed "a sniper-specific flinch" that will affect his aim more when he's targeted.

    Fonte: Call of Duty

    Treyarch also tweaked the “ADS Momentum” of each shooter in the game and made specific tweaks to all five to make them stand out from each other. The full list of marksman changes can be found here.

    Assault rifles have also been overhauled - and the update could have some steamy results for the competitive meta of Liga Call of Duty.

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    Firstly, all ARs had their bullet speeds increased and headshot multipliers were defaulted depending on the ammo they use (with one exception, which we'll discuss shortly). ARs using 5,56 ammo have a 1,4x headshot modifier, while those using 7,62 ammo have a 1,25x modifier.

    The only weapon not getting the bullet speed buff is the FFAR 1. While seeing its bullet speed nullified, the FACT receives a buff to its damage output to compensate for this.

    New maps, new modes, new weapons, and '80s Action Heroes arrive May 20 in Season Three Reloaded.

    Get all the intel on everything coming this week and beyond, including detailed patch notes for everything in MP and Zombies:

    — Treyarch Studios (@Treyarch) May 18, 2021

    A War, which is the base AR in competitive CoD, not only received the bullet speed benefits but also had some small buffs to some barrel attachments, making it an even stronger pick that will hopefully perform much stronger against some of the long-range SMGs that have occasionally won in competitive play.

    All LMGs and Pistols also received assorted bullet speed buffs, much like the Assault Rifles.

    While most weapon classes are being changed here, the addition of flinch for marksman will be the most welcome tweak for regular players. It will also be interesting to see whether changes in War and FACT make a difference to the CDL upon entering Stage 4 of the 2021 season.

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