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    Black Desert Online: Best Classes for PVE

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    Some classes are much better at PvE than others, and these are (currently) the best.

    One of the best ways to earn some silver in the Black Desert Online it's killing stuff over and over in highly contested high-level grinding locations. 

    Let's ignore the "highly contested" part for now, as this is PvP territory. Instead, we're going to focus on the part where you need to kill legions of enemies at a fast enough pace to earn tens of millions of silver an hour.

    The fact is that some classes are better at this than Black Desert Onlinand than others. It's mainly their different abilities and movesets that make them more viable or efficient at jumping from pack to pack. 

    Needless to say, when it comes to PvE content, these Black Desert Classes excel in an almost unfair way. You would do well to use them (if you have them) to earn more silver through grinding. Also, note that nothing is constant in the game; the updates will certainly change the viability of some classes in the future.

    Updated July 27, 2021, by Sid Natividad: Like many other MMORPGs, Black Desert Online has an ever-changing gameplay balance. This is most noticeable for the PvP aspect, but PvE is not isolated from this chaotic rotation. 

    Consequently, the list of “best classes in the Black Desert” is constantly evolving and changing. We are here because of that notion. More classes have become viable for PvE as the game continues to grow.

    What exactly does PvE involve in Black Desert Online? This usually refers to the activity of killing hordes of monsters in the open repeatedly or joining world boss fights. Both are viable methods of earning money. 

    Some of the best PvE classes in BDO 2021 are certainly better than others when it comes to these aforementioned activities. The update brings even more options to choose from.

    15 | wise

    Fonte: Pearl Abyss
    • Weapon Type: Ranged
    • Many defensive skills
    • Can crush higher level places and survive

    The Sage is one of the last classes to explore the open world in Black Desert Online. They've proven to be capable of producing some decent grow or grind rates, thanks to a versatile skill set. While not as good as other damage-focused classes, the Sage can at least defend its own point of oppression.

    When it comes to skills, the Sage has some manipulative attacks and defensive skills. The Sage looks like many classes bundled into one, especially since they also have invisibility like the Ninja. This is a pretty important trait of the Sage as it can allow them to farm higher level areas more easily.

    14 | Guardian

    Fonte: Pearl Abyss
    • Weapon Type: Melee
    • highly mobile class
    • Attacks are slow but strong

    A barbaric female character through and through, Guardian has impressive advantages in the open. She has good mobility and can jump from pack to pack quickly and follow up with some heavy attacks. She has one drawback, which is her heavy abilities, but this is alleviated in her Awakening phase.

    In any case, you can't go wrong with this lady wielding the axe. His skills might have a little slow wind at first, but when they hit, they hit hard and hard. Her high defense also makes her efficient in potions and she doesn't sacrifice defense for attack as she can generate her own critical rate.

    13 | Musa

    Fonte: Pearl Abyss
    • Weapon Type: Melee
    • incredible mobility
    • Area damage in melee range is also impressive
    • Could be a glass cannon

    Before the new whirlwind classes came along, Musa was one of the most compelling melee champions in PvE. Musa's sweeping attacks and unbelievable mobility make him a joy to play. That's why beginners who want to focus on PvE and mob grinding will do well with a Musa.

    Of course, we're talking about your version of Awakening, as the base version doesn't have many wide-area attacks. A disadvantage of the Musa is its low armor. 

    They're not exactly slippery classes and only have a reasonably acceptable defense. However, this doesn't really matter much in PvE if you're limiting yourself to areas your Gear Score can afford.

    12 | Mystic

    Fonte: Pearl Abyss
    • Weapon Type: Melee
    • Good combos for stun
    • Short range body to body

    Much like Musa, Mystic once sat high on the PvE throne, even among characters like Wizards or Witches. Mystics has some complex attacks that are weaker than Striker, but they make up for it with more impressive combos.

    With her barrage of water-themed attacks, Mystic can stun enemy packs and deliver some final blows. Its area damage isn't too bad either and its only downside is its melee range and somewhat stiff gameplay.

    11 | dark Knight

    Fonte: Pearl Abyss
    • Weapon Type: Ranged
    • Medium to long range area attacks
    • good damaged area

    The Dark Knight once raced as a contender against more genuine grinding machines such as the Wizard. Since then, she's received a lot of nerfs that have cast her into a more specific role. Still, the Dark Knight remains one of the most elegant ways to efficiently kill some mobs.

    Despite using a melee weapon, the Dark Knight's most damaging abilities are based on magic. She usually attacks from a medium range, but can extend that range even further for more damage. She's not the toughest character out there, however, and lacks some robust healing abilities.

    10 | Warrior

    Fonte: Pearl Abyss
    • Weapon Type: Melee
    • easy and simple to use
    • Awakening grants more mobility
    • Melee range is quite short and limiting

    The Warrior is one of the most beginner-friendly classes in the Black Desert Online . They have a simple, easy-to-learn kit and their playstyle is straightforward and straightforward. Just attack enemies and crush or tear them apart.

    With the Warrior's awakening, they become even more mobile and receive some extensive attacks that either regenerate their HP or render enemies incapacitated. The downside is that they do all of this in close combat.

    9 | Valkyrie

    Fonte: Pearl Abyss
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    • Weapon Type: Melee
    • Tough class and tank
    • Damage can be narrow but powerful
    • a lot of healing

    Valkyrie is the warrior counterpart and they are a little better at dealing with tons of enemies in front of them. Unlike Warrior, they have some sort of ranged attack and have more consistent defensive abilities.

    Their kit allows them to destroy any enemies in front of them, move past them, and do the same again for other groups. It's not just the Valkyries' awakening that makes them good, but the succession as well. The mostly melee range slows them down a bit, but the Valkyrie is a safe option for players concerned about PvP during their PvE grinding.

    8 | Berserker

    Fonte: Pearl Abyss
    • Weapon Type: Melee and Ranged
    • high defense
    • Lots of crowd control and grappling skills

    Berserkers aren't the best options for beginners, but those who can keep them and their tricky moves and combos will know just how viable they are to grind. Most of its attacks have a wide area of ​​effect, thanks to its size.

    Awakening adds some range to area attacks and makes them a good security option in case someone challenges your claim to a hard spot. Whatever the case, you can't go wrong with the Berserker class for grinding.

    7 | Nova

    Fonte: Pearl Abyss
    • Weapon Type: Melee and Ranged
    • Classe Tanks
    • Ranged damage with good area radius
    • Awakening makes her a mafia grinding machine

    Nova is one of the most recently added classes in the Black Desert Online and is similar to spellcasting characters. His attacks are also mostly ranged and have a decent area of ​​effect. The basic version isn't too hot and many players find it too slow.

    Awakening, however, transforms Nova into a high burst damage assassin capable of wiping out groups of enemies in a split second. This is a pretty important metric for grinding as it can save time and can be useful when someone is trying to beat their DPS in a local passive-aggressive grinding duel.

    6 | Witch

    Fonte: Pearl Abyss
    • Weapon Type: Ranged
    • Close enough to the Wizard in terms of area damage
    • good crowd control

    The Witch, along with the Wizard, was once the top of the most efficient grinding classes in Black Desert Online. However, the numerous updates and balance tweaks along with new classes pushed them off their throne.

    Even so, the Witch is a good class for being efficient at crushing points. Skills and spells remain the same useful sweeping elemental attacks that bombard the entire screen. Range is also a big help when trying to attract multiple groups of enemies at once.

    5 | Wizard

    Fonte: Pearl Abyss
    • Weapon Type: Ranged
    • Easy to play for area damage
    • Ranged abilities that can cover the entire screen
    • Doesn't do well against grapple attacks and duels

    Once the max standard for grinding mobs in the game, the Wizard has finally found its match (or games) and some of them might even do better. This does not mean that the Wizard is obsolete now.

    At the very least, they are still one of the most available and easy-to-learn characters in the game, who are also good at killing enemies quickly and in large numbers. They can still bombard the area with elemental attacks and turn monsters into loot bags.

    4 | witch

    Fonte: Pearl Abyss
    • Weapon Type: Melee
    • Dedicated glass cannon, high damage
    • Lots of grapple and stun attacks

    The Enchantress has always been in a decent position in Black Desert Online, and now they are enjoying a relatively high position on the PvE ladder. Their fast skills and ranged attacks make them good at everything.

    When it comes to node and turf wars, sorceresses are often the right choice to engage many players at once. The same mindset applies to their PvE ability, where they can attract tons of enemies and maybe even kill some of them in the process. The awakening and succession of this class is great.

    3 | Lahn

    Fonte: Pearl Abyss
    • Weapon Type: Melee
    • Melee class but surprisingly good range
    • Wide sweep attacks with her in the center

    Lahn was one of the first classes in the game that gave the Mage and Witch a race to make money when it comes to PvE. The Lahn is a whirling death dervish that rips enemies apart at a deceptive melee range.

    Lahn players can approach enemies from afar and wreak havoc on their ranks. By the way, this class is well positioned among the certified mass murderers of the Black Desert Online. Place the lahn in the center of all the mobs and watch them turn into red mists.

    2 | hashish

    Fonte: Pearl Abyss
    • Weapon Type: Melee
    • complex combos
    • high damage
    • Awakening makes you highly mobile

    Many players turn a blind eye to Hashashin simply because it is a difficult class to master or even understand. Skill rotations are a bit complex and some of the animations can feel wobbly.

    Those who have stood by the class and persevered are probably laughing now, as they actually have one of the best PvE grinding classes in the game. Hashashin is like a Ninja, except skills have a better area of ​​attack. Meanwhile, the awakening makes them a better version of Musa.

    1 | Striker

    Fonte: Pearl Abyss
    • Weapon Type: Melee
    • Easy to play class
    • Cause high damage
    • Despite their melee range, they can still do impressive area damage.

    Like the Sorceress, the Striker has always been an awesome class, since the first time it was upgraded. It is a better version of Mystic and has more aggression and mobility. It's also simple to use, so newbies won't have a problem reaching the endgame.

    Striker excels in both PvP and PvE, though his kit in succession seems to be better suited to the latter aspect of gameplay. Regardless, the Striker's two paths hit hard, true and wide, sometimes it even seems like they protected them too much.

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