Black Desert Online: 6 tips to reach max level quickly

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With these helpful tips, you will reach the higher levels quickly.

Black Desert Online has rapidly grown a fan base since its launch in 2014, retaining a large number of players over six years later. In each MMO since the beginning of time, one of the first things players do is try to reach the maximum level of any game, proving that they are the strongest in the world. 

BDO considered this and made grinding to the top an impossible task, making the amount of experience required for each level above 56 increase exponentially over the previous level.

This is the reason why many consider level 62 to be the soft cap of the game, with the highest level of any player being 66.

The average time to go from 62 to 63 is 500 hours, with difficulty shooting up from there. Keeping that in mind, most players want a little guidance on getting to 62 with some universal tips and tricks to help you get there.

| power leveling

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The fastest way to level up a new character is to kick out your most powerful friend for their XP. For that, you'll need a friend who has already reached the top and doesn't mind carrying it around for a few hours. It is by far the fastest way to reach level 62, taking just two hours to reach level 56.

As you sit in the high-level shredding areas, watching your friends fight for you, providing low-level support, or being on loot patrolling is highly recommended.

The friend cannot be more than ten levels above you in any mission or no member of your party will receive loot, which means the entire team must monitor the lowest and highest level member to ensure the limit is not reached . 

You'll need all the loot you can get, as the power level focuses heavily on experience and doesn't leave any skill points or money.

5 | Buffs

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The first and easiest buff of all is simply grinding at night, giving you a 50% Exp buff without buying anything. If you want to stop, the night starts at 22pm and ends at 7am.

While the buffs aren't as permanent as some of the other features, they do provide big boosts for short periods. . Using buffs before a high level quest or intense horde combat session is a shortcut to higher levels.

The Mercenary Experience training scroll is another bonus you will use throughout your journey, giving you a 200% increase in combat experience. If you want to go a step further, you can use simple alchemy to fuse up to three, creating a 600% boost for 60 minutes.

4 | Engrenagem

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After fighting through the first parts of the story, you should be in Heidel around level 17. This is where you can buy the best gear to get you up to level 56. The main objective is to make the character have more than 100 attack power so you don't have to worry about constantly changing equipment during your travels.

There are three main items that make the journey much less painful, increasing your character and speeding up the grind, an Ornella weapon, a secondary weapon, and the Simple Cron Meal.

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Ornella weapon - Ornella: Heidel

A different weapon for each class, these weapons are available with the woman herself. Incredibly high accuracy with a 30 point boost to your attack power, this weapon is the best you'll get at this stage and can easily get you through the final stage missions.

AP Sub Weapon – Ornella: Heidel

Ornella also offers a range of sub-weapons for each class, each designated with a specific stat upgrade. Buy the secondary AP which will give you an extra pad for battle, which is the best choice as the Ornella weapon already has accuracy covered.

Simple Cron Meal – Simple Kitchen / Central Market

The Simple Cron Meal can be purchased at the central market or Ellie, although Ellie sells it for just one silver. This item boosts all combat stats in the game, but the real prize is the 30 AP boost for 120 minutes, a must-have if you want to make grinding as painless as possible.

3 | Pets

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From the early stages, you should start looking for pets as they help your inventory and increase your experience bar. While all pets loot corpses for you, only a few have the ability to grant you between 1% to 4% more combat experience. 

It doesn't make a huge difference, but the good news is that you can have up to five pets at once and their skills stacked, giving you a potential 20% boost with loot added for free. Here is a list of all pets that have the combat experience skill:

  • most dogs
  • Panda
  • Red panda
  • young black dragon
  • young golden dragon
  • Snowflake Reindeer
  • Sylvian Wolf

2 | Quest Selection

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In the early days of BDO, players were cursed to battle endless hordes to level up, but now, combat experience is added to side quests. You can now stop the replay with a properly leveled quest offered by NPCs with a thin gold barrier circling their feet.

Quest experience is separate from combat experience, so items that enhance one will not work for the other. 

The only thing that increases the quest experience is the Chenga Tome, which is only available after you complete The Adventurer's Tome Regarding The Legend Of Chenga. The long name suits the 22-mission journey that has a recommended level of 53, keeping most players at bay until the final stages.

| transfer

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If this isn't your main character and you want the easiest time possible, transferring all your armor and items to the new character is the best method. 

The easiest way to transfer items is through the warehouse NPC in any main town or village. NPCs will not appear unless you have already discovered them, but once found they will appear as a chest icon on your map.

After switching to the new character, you have to go back to the exact spot where you dropped it, as other cities will not have your items. Once you retrieve the items, the need to avoid high-damage enemies will disappear.

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