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As with any RPG which features a leveling system, players Biomutant are taking a long journey to reach their maximum level.

Biomutant  it's often described as a mix of many unexpected genres and concepts, but its RPG elements shine through in its leveling system. 

As players defeat enemies and complete quests, they will gain XP and eventually level up. This allows them to increase their stats and in turn become even more powerful. 

Anyone who has played an RPG is familiar with this format, and anyone who follows an RPG community will know that players will want to reach the max level, if there is one. In most games, reaching max level is not required to complete the story, but it does serve as a personal challenge for players who want to 100% complete a game.

Source: Biomutant

There's a lot to do in  Biomutant , but one of the best ways to get XP is to complete quests and side quests. This grants a good amount of XP upon completion, but players will inevitably run out of it. Eventually, the best path to max level will just be to extract XP from enemies or whatever repeatable quests there are.

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Unfortunately,  the maximum level of Biomutant is still unknown . There doesn't seem to be any official news about what the max level is, and if any players have already managed to reach it, then they haven't posted about it on any mainstream online forums. 

Speculation puts the highest possible maximum level for the game at 227, a number based on math and the way the level increases the player's stats. That said, it's highly likely that the cap is lower than that and players won't be able to max out all stats.

Source: Biomutant

Players start with 140 stat points at level 1, forming the starting point for these calculations. Each of the six stats seems to have a maximum of 400, which means that if players were able to max out all the stats in the game, they would need to earn 2.260 stat points (6 x 400 = 2400 | 2400 – 140 = 2260). 

Since players get ten stat points each time they level up, this would equal 226 opportunities to level up, or level 227 as the maximum after taking level 1 into account. This all assumes that players can level up infinitely until you hit the cap, however, and it's widely accepted that this isn't the case.

When a daring player manages to reach the level cap in  Biomutant , this article will be updated to show the accurate information. This might be a bummer for players who wanted to know how difficult the routine would be before they commit to doing it, but it's also exciting because it means any player can be the first to do it.

Biomutant I  is available on PC, PS4 e Xbox One.

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