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    Biomutant Riddleroom: How to Unlock Riddleroom

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    See how to enter Riddleroom in the corner of the map Biomutant.

    Riddleroom it is one of the most remote and secret areas on the map Biomutant , and unlocking this room can certainly be a mystery to players. But it's certainly worth trying to discover the reward that awaits you inside, I'll tell you.

    Below I will show you exactly how to unlock Riddleroom in Biomutant and what you can find inside.


    O Riddleroom is a secret location in Biomutant that can be found by heading to the southeastern corner of the map, and you can only get there with the help of your Googlide or the assembly Pee-Wee Gargantua .

    The exact location of Riddleroom is the door icon on the cliff to the right of the Porky Puff Place . See the image below:

    As you approach, you'll need to look for a vertical line of yellow paint, which indicates nearby climbing spots. 

    You can use these climbing locations to get to the door of the Riddleroom, but that door is blocked by a rock. Below, we'll show you how to unlock the path to the Riddleroom.

    Look for these climbing spots. Climb them to reach the Riddleroom door.


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    To unlock the Riddleroom, go to Lumentower Island immediately northwest of the Riddleroom door. You will be able to see the island and its lighthouse easily from the door.

    Approach the island from the opposite side (north side) and there is a path that leads to the lighthouse. Climb the lighthouse using the various climbing points available to you, then interact with the crank at the top to point the light into the Riddler Room. This will make the runes glow on the Riddleroom's rockface door.

    Now go back to the Riddleroom and interact with the port. The rock will slide away, giving you free access to this secret area of ​​the map.


    Inside the Riddleroom you'll find a small cave, guarded by a miniboss. Surf Huggel. Defeat this enemy and look around. You should see three runestones on the walls and a sword buried in a stone in the middle that you can't reach thanks to some invisible force field.

    To dissipate the force field , interact with the three runestones clockwise, starting with the leftmost stone. Tapping all three will lower the forcefield, allowing you to get the weapon.

    This weapon is Espada Murgel Pri , a unique and ultimate melee weapon and one of the best weapons in Biomutant . It's a powerful two-handed sword with great base damage and additional fire damage to boot, and it will serve you until the end of the game.

    These are the mysteries of Riddleroom do Biomutant unveiled and their treasures ready to be harvested. While you're here, be sure to check out our other pages on the different Biomutant tribes and their unique tribe weapons and on how to unlock the flying machine Gullblimp .

    Image Credits: experiment 101

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