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    Biomutant only works at 1080p on PS5 'due to technical issues'

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    THQ Nordic says it has disabled native support of 4K to Biomutant No. PlayStation 5 â€śdue to technical reasons”.

    Instead, the game will run at 1080p upscaled to 4K when played on PlayStation 5. In comparison, the version of Xbox One of the game will run in 4K / 60fps “with dynamic resolution” in X series, Ea S series will work to 1440p / 30fps .

    Um PS5 game video published this week states that the option for native 4K in PlayStation 5 "has been disabled for stability and performance reasons."

    In an additional statement published in the Twitter , the THQ Nordic said: “For technical reasons, we have disabled native 4k on PS5 for the launch version of the game.”

    Due to technical reasons, we deactivated native 4k on PS5 for the release version of the game.

    Biomutant is currently running at native 1080p upscaled to 4k on PS5.

    — THQ Nordic (@THQNordic) May 20, 2021

    He added: “None of the current generation native versions, but the version PS4/XB1 already performs better in the current generation due to more powerful hardware. The native version for the current generation is coming, but we can't share more details just yet. ”

    Biomutant is an action RPG developed by the Swedish developer experiment 101 , scheduled for release on May 25 for PC , PlayStation 4 e Xbox One.

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    This is the latest example of a next-gen cross-platform game receiving better next-gen optimization in Xbox Series X than not PS5, possibly due to restrictions on how the console Sony handles backward compatibility updates.

    Enabling next-gen performance features like 120fps is supposed to require a full native port on the PS5 , while the Microsoft allows such features to be added through a backwards compatibility patch.

    Since the two next-gen consoles were released, a number of games, including cyberpunk 2077 , Star Wars: Squadrons , Call of Duty: War zone e Rocket League , have received performance updates for those playing on Xbox Series X, but not in PS5.

    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition also supports 120fps no Xbox Series X , but not in PlayStation 5.

    In January, the EA also released a next-gen optimization update for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order . While this update also improved the PS5 version, its improvements were blocked for post-processing. 1440p a 60fps

    The version Xbox Series X, however, gave players a choice of two modes, performance (60fps and dynamic resolution of up to 1440p) or normal (4K post-processing).

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