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    Biomutant: How to spawn Mekton

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    Source: Biomutant

    Em Biomutant, players will find that the Mecton will do a great job of keeping them safe and this guide will show you how to generate it.

    Biomutant is fraught with environmental hazards that will interfere with players as they try to explore the world. Some areas will cause hypoxia due to lack of oxygen, and this is where one of the most useful setups in the Biomutant can save the day. 

    Mekton will keep players safe from the effects of hypoxia while also acting as a sort of mobile weapon platform, which is certainly an attractive feature.

    Source: Biomutant

    Players are experiencing an issue when trying to spawn Mekton, however. Many find that no matter what they do, Mekton will not appear when they try to spawn it, and the reason for this is very simple. 

    Mekton can only spawn in certain areas, which seems to be due to its level of destruction. While not one of the ultimate weapons of the Biomutant , it still has a big impact as a boss killing machine.

    Players will only be able to spawn in the Mecton in areas that will cause hypoxia, such as the dead zone, where they first use the machine. 

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    They will also only be able to spawn when they have a clear sky above, so they cannot make you spawn in caves or bunkers or any other roofed structure. 

    This is all clearly designed to keep the Mekton in check, or else players could quickly trample any enemy in their path. Biomutant with it, thanks to its impressive firepower.

    Source: Biomutant

    to invoke the Mecton, all players need to do is go to an area like the dead zone, wait until they start to suffer from the effects of hypoxia, and then hit the number four button on their keyboard, or down on the D-Pad, to open the assembly menu. 

    Turn the radial to the yellow symbol of Mecton and the machine will fall from the sky above them. They can interact with it to get inside and be safe from the effects of hypoxia. It's important to note that while certain pieces of armor give players resistance to hypoxia, it's not a resistance they can choose at the start of the game. Biomutant .

    As players cannot always count on the Mecton to deal with tough enemies they will need to learn how to craft weapons to ensure they have enough firepower to face the many threats they will face in Biomutant . 

    That way, they'll always be prepared for the various monsters that can attack them, even when they can't summon the Mecton.

    Biomutant I  is available on PC, PS4 e Xbox One.

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