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To unlock the full potential of Automoto in Biomutant, players must find a selected number of Mirages and fight some tough battles.

Biomutant is an ambitious open-world project, even if it stumbled a bit with its release. The developers of Biomutant are working on improving various elements, but for now there are a lot of problems with the game.

One of those problems sometimes is just finding things that are important. In one case, the Biomutant asks players to capture a mirage when that mirage appears in front of them. 

However, this can sometimes be more complicated than it looks, and not for gameplay-related reasons. Here's a quick guide explaining all players need to know about these mysterious mirages and what it means to capture them.


Each Mirage takes the form of a figure from the player character's past: a large creature with a flashlight. There's a real point to Mirages, and it's much more important than the regular side quests in Biomutant. 

Each Mirage can be used to upgrade the player's Automoto with new features. These are not cosmetic updates for Automoto, they are new and very useful functions. 

There are four in all, so four mirages must be captured for a fully upgraded Automoton, which helps with exploration, battle, and sustainability.


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In theory, getting a Mirage should be as simple as that: go to the Mirage and tap on it. It's simpler (again, in theory) than getting water mounts, getting the strongest weapons, or finding hidden shops. 

After talking to a mirage, the player must go through a difficult fight, but it is not necessary for him to win. After the fight, players can choose one of four Automoto upgrades. 

After going through four mirages, players will have all four upgrades: a pocket heal, a damage boost, a turret function, and glider-like wings. The Legend of Zelda:  Breath of the Wild . They are useful in battle, and the glider's wings are a great exploration benefit.


Unfortunately, capture The Mirage, it's a little harder than it should be. There is, in this article, a glitch in the game that causes Mirages to disappear. 

Players approach them, only for the Mirage to disappear into thin air and not come back. Because of this, some players don't even know that gliding is something they can do in Biomutant . Hopefully, the glitch will be removed soon, but until it is, capturing the Mirages is something of a gamble.


Mirages appear randomly, so there's really no trick to finding them. They start spawning after talking to the Tree of Life, so this is a good place to start. 

After that, wandering around the map and hoping for the best seems to be the answer. Hopefully, they will become easier to find and capture soon so that more players can fully enjoy Automoto's amazing mechanics. Biomutant .

Biomutant  is available for PC, PS4 e Xbox One.

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