Biomutant: How to get a heat protection suit

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O Heat Protection Suit is the only safe way to get in Heat Zones em Biomutant, and can be acquired by following a very short questline.

Biomutant the RPG post-apocalyptic action from Experiment 101, reached the PC, PS4 e Xbox One. The game takes place in a dangerous world dominated by the gigantic Tree of Life, which gives life to all plants and creatures. Players take on the role of a Biomutant martial artist, tasked with defending the tree against pollution and hostile monsters.

Source: Biomutant

The post-apocalyptic landscape of Biomutant is full of dangers, and not all of them come from its many monsters and enemies. There are five different types of danger zones scattered across the map of the Biomutant, each capable of killing an unsuspecting player. 

Hot zones are one of the most dangerous of these and require players to earn a special suit to enter safely.


There are several heat zones in the world of Biomutant , and players can recognize them by their usually red color. Once a player has entered the Heat Zone for the first time, if he has advanced far enough, he will receive a quest to acquire a Heat Protection Suit . 

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The first step of this mission will take you to the Pingdish 6K, which must be adjusted to continue.

upon arriving at Pingdish, players will find a Club Lurf and a Tincan Tougho fighting in the yard. Both are pretty tough enemies, so it's a good idea to let them wear out. After the fight goes on long enough, the player can jump in and clear everything. This will pave the way for the Pingdish

To adjust Pingdish, players must first complete one of the rotation puzzles in the game. Biomutant , making sure that all the white and yellow connectors are aligned. Then rotate the plate itself until it receives multiple pings and the trans message will be downloaded.

Getting the Heat Protective Clothing on the Biomutant

Once players receive the trans message in Pingdish 6K, their mission will be updated with a new target. It's too far away, so players will want to use one of the Biomutant montages to get there. Following the objective, players will find themselves outside of a old world bunker. This in Bangshelter 6L, where the heat protection suit can be purchased.

beyond the monster Buff Pocus Timbo Biomutant outside the bunker, players shouldn't have any problems inside. Simply continue following the objective marker to find the Heat Protective Clothing. The suit has three parts and we recommend saving them as a set so players can quickly switch when entering a Heat Zone.

Biomutant I  is available on PC, PS4 e Xbox One.

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