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    Biomutant: How to craft a 7-star weapon (Starstruck trophy/achievement)

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    Biomutant has an achievement/trophy for crafting a 7 star weapon, which can be accomplished easily by finding a high star weapon and adding to it.

    Biomutant is an ambitious open world game developed by a small team. He reached an impressive number of simultaneous players in the Steam and it has a beautiful world and a fascinating idea at its core.

    a part of  Biomutant What players found interesting is the weapon crafting system. Unlike other systems that involve the abstract fusion of materials into finished and continuous products, the fabrication of Biomutant it's more like building something out of Legos. 

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    It is this system that must be used to obtain the Starstruck achievement / trophy , which requires crafting a seven-star weapon. Look how to get Starstruck the quick and easy way.


    1. Forget everything you know about gun making in Biomutant . Only melee weapons are needed for this to work. In fact, only one specific melee weapon is needed for this Starstruck crafting trick to work.
    2. The weapon is called the Pri Murgel Sword and is hidden in a cave. It's a strangely mystical sword for a game focused on science and mutation. In order to find the sword, the player must first find a way to it through reactivating the Lumentower.
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    1. O Lumentower is on a lake, in an abandoned lighthouse on an island. To enter, you must solve one of the rotation puzzles of the Biomutant , which is not very difficult. After that, go to the top of the Lumentower and turn on the light.
    2. Follow the marker on the map to some mystical writing on a wall and interact with it to open a cave. This is the resting place of Espada Pri Murgel. However, there's an enemy in the way, and he's big and fast.
    3. After defeating Surf Huggel, activate the three walls of mystical writing around the cave. This will allow the Pri Murgel sword to be drawn from your island in the center of the cave.


    1. After that, simply find a nearby store and buy some weapon add-ons. Throw some of them on the sword to increase it to seven stars and that's it, Starstruck unlocked. In addition, it gives a sword that can measure up to most psi-powers in Biomutant , which is an advantage.

    Conquest is good, but much better is having one's own sword, which is mighty and fiery. Even better, he doesn't need to take Biomutant 's light or dark paths, just turn on a lighthouse.

    Biomutant  is available for PC, PS4 e Xbox One.

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