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There are a variety of breakable walls dotted around. Biomutant, and this short guide details exactly how to take them down.

While players cannot interact with absolutely every piece of architecture in  Biomutant , there are indeed some walls that can be broken. 

In fact, fans will need to break walls to complete various missions, but exactly how this is done may not be immediately obvious. For those players who might be a little confused about how to go about demolishing walls in  Biomutant , this guide contains all the details you need.

For starters, players must obtain an item called Old World Klonkfist before they can tear down walls in this new open-world RPG. 

Source: Biomutant

This weapon can be found during The Tribe War Begins, a main quest that takes fans underground, and becomes available at the very beginning of the game. Upon entering the mentioned area, players must follow the series of waypoints that appear and eventually they will be taken to a small room where the Klonkfist is mounted on a wall.

After picking up this weapon in  Biomutant , fans will be given a new task that instructs them to “knock down the wall”, and this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to break down these structures. 

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Simply, players need to equip the Klonkfist, approach the breakable wall, then hold and drop the Melee entrance (PC: Right click | PlayStation: Square | Xbox: X). This action will make the character turn on the device and move forward with it, and three hits will be enough to knock down the wall.

To note, Klonkfist is upgradeable and will need to be level 2 to break through some of the toughest walls in the game. 

To perform this update, players need to complete a side quest Biomutant  called High Voltage, which is offered by an NPC named Klick. 

For the uninitiated, this character can be found at a booth near coordinates -34988, -48125, and the quest revolves around using electricity to charge a piece of metal.

One last thing to mention is that there is actually another type of wall in the game that cannot be removed with Klonkfist. 

More specifically, these are the walls that are formed by stalagmites, and players will need to enlist the help of a certain mount in  Biomutant to break them. This mount is called Mjut, and fans will get it from an NPC named Noko just by following the main story quest.

Biomutant I  is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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