Biomutant gets an “explanation trailer” to help him understand the strange animal apocalypse

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Customization, characters, crafts and also some things that don't start with the letter C

Biomutant has seen a few trailers over the years, but it has also been extended over a few years, so to keep everyone up to date and answer some pressing questions, the THQ Nordic released an aptly titled "explanation trailer", outlining the game's basic ideas and systems.

"Biomutant is an open-world, post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable,” explains art director and creative Stefan Ljungqvist. “Basically in terms of structure, it’s like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I think. But the feedback we've been getting is that it's a weird, weird and good mix between Ratchet & Clank, devil may cry, Batman: Arkham and some other influences. ” 

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That's a long list of influences and highlights the all-you-can-eat approach to Biomutant for open world design. It all starts with the character creator, a heady balance of six stats and seemingly endless animal races. 

From there, you can double down on ranged or melee fighting styles, downright absurd mutations ranging from bouncing mushroom summons to lightning fingers, and put on a hodgepodge of gear that you can craft and upgrade (but thankfully don't have to fix). ). 

Once you're in the world, you can ally with one of the game's six warrior tribes. Naturally, you can change your appearance, playstyle, skills, equipment, and alliances as you go along.

Biomutant will be released on PS4, Xbox One e PC em May 25

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