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For fans of Biomutant looking to roam the map with all the different modes of transport, here are the locations of all the mounts.

After being released today,  Biomutant has gained a unique position in the realm of open world RPG for its various weapons and enemy types. There are a lot of other great things about Biomutant to look forward to in the game too, like the many different mount options.

The different supports are perfect for crossing the different parts of the Biomutant . They range from all sorts of new and bizarre creatures such as Gnoats e Mecafingros.

Many of the mounts can be acquired through the story mode in Biomutant , and others require some tricks through side quests and hidden locations. So for fans looking to ride around the world in style, here are the locations of all mounts in Biomutant .

Source: Biomutant

Puki Azure Gnoat

For the first mount in Biomutant, the Puki Azure Goat can be found in the open world south of Murkadorpus Outpost. Players need to feed him a Pip plant, and he will be rideable.

White Gnoat

As part of the "The Meat Eater" sidequest in Biomutant, fans need to take out the creature that is attacking the Puti Gnoat to gain its trust.

Old Pea Gnoat

For this mount, travel back to Murkadorpus Outpost and speak to the blue shirt broker to purchase the Old Pea Gnoat.


As part of the story mode, go to the dead zone and complete the quest to get this mount.


For this mount, go to Ankati Stronghold to buy this mount from the broker.


This mound can be found in the open world east of Peekaboo Park near the river and feeds it fruit to make it rideable.

Old Amber Gnoat

For this mount, go to Vespidut Outpost to buy it from one of the brokers.


As part of the "Fixer-Upper" quest, talk to Goop to complete the quest, and he will reward players with the flying vehicle.

Pee-Wee Gargantua

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As part of the side quest “The Pee-Wee Gargantua”, travel to Camp Brug and defeat all captains. Then undo the rope knot to release the mount.

Old Scarlet Gnoat

For the Old Scarlet Gnoat, travel to the Quirkquarp Outpost to purchase it from one of the brokers.


For Mubi, travel to Netra Fortress and buy it from one of the merchants.


As part of a story quest, travel to Shilo Shopperia and descend to the basement of the building. Players will then need to turn on the power generator and loosen the screws on the stand to mount it.


As part of the story quest, travel to Gnoat Pen and speak with Noro to purchase your ride.


For this flying mount, complete the climbing point tests and zipline tests to acquire this mount.

Miff gnoat

The Miff Gnoat can be found in the open world by Snodesburg and tamed by giving it fruit.

abo gnoat

The Abo Gnoat can be found in the wild opened by the Molyhole Outpost and tamed by giving it fruit.


As part of the "Whizz" story mode quest, travel to the Mekastadium and complete the rotation puzzle to make it buildable.

Pumb Gnoat

Pumb Gnoat can be found in the open world by Sludge Deodorizum and tamed by giving it fruit.


As part of the “Wolf” side quest, complete all the objectives she has to acquire all the necessary airship parts.

Biomutant already  is available on PC, PS4 e Xbox One.

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