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    Biomutant: All automaton appearance locations

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    Source: Biomutant

    The automaton is the players best friend in Biomutant, and the miniature helper can even receive cosmetic updates to change its appearance.

    The expansive RPG Biomutant of world open it would be incredibly lonely to explore without some kind of helper. Fortunately, players receive one in the form of the automaton, a miniature mechanical grasshopper. 

    Even better, the robot friend is just as customizable as the aquatic Googleglide , with the world full of opportunities for the player to change their appearance. all in all, there are ten automaton apparitions .

    What makes this particularly good is the fact that, in addition to the cosmetic options, it is also part of the Old World Knowledge questline . 

    This mainly consists of finding bulletin boards, examining them, and then finding the corresponding treasure. Unfortunately, like Googlide, quest rewards are random. This means that looking for a specific automaton appearance may not work the way players want. 

    That said, all the bulletin board locations are listed below to complete at once.

    All Automaton Appearances In Biomutant

    There are bulletin boards everywhere in  Biomutant , but to complete the quest, players only need to find 15 of them. For those interested only in changing the appearance of their partner robot, there are only 10 automaton appearances. 

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    In other words, these last 5 can wait if the amazing things in Biomutant deserve more attention.

    Source: Biomutant
    • Bricktown : Players can get this out of the way during the main quest that brings them here. After clearing out the Morks, players must head upstairs. On the right is the first bulletin board. A short follow-up mission begins, in which players must climb the stairs once more and turn around to find the trailhead. Completing this grants the first automaton skin.
    • Chugyard : For reference, this location is west of Bricktown. To get there, players must walk west from the previous bulletin board, following the path to Murkadorpus Outpost. There should be a train line on the left that leads to Chugyard. To finish the follow-up mission and receive the second skin, follow the track to the end, but beware of nearby enemies.
    • Suburb : This location is northwest of Urfidurf Outpost, although the path to it is littered with enemies. Near the end is a challenging Tincan enemy that might need some ultimate weapons. Either way, defeating him grants the third automaton.
    • Subnautical Station : This area of ​​the map is northeast of Bricktown, with the bulletin board on the southeast side. Go inside the tunnel-like structure and pick up the traces from the Goop pile to get the fourth automaton skin.
    • Surf Hurdle : This noticeboard is located east of the Urfidurf Outpost, towards the Rokoblok Outpost. Take the trail down Guyway 5H and, after some resistance, the fifth automaton's skin is in play.
    Source: Biomutant
    • Sparkplant : Bring some cold weather gear to this one, as its location is west of the Tree of Life. Also, make sure you have some powerful weapons made for the bandits and elemental beasts in the area. The bulletin board is located at the south end, and the north marker leads to the sixth automaton skin.
    • Gnoat Farm : This location is also where players meet Noko for the first time, as the bulletin board is right next to her house. Interacting with it leads to a large pit on the east side, and under the Gnoat Pen's dirt is the automaton's seventh skin.
    • Chugdepot : This one is southwest of the Lotus Keep and some enemies might be waiting for a confrontation. Anyway, the bulletin board is in the middle of this area and, interacting with it, leads southwest to a manhole cover. But beware, as there will be some enemy guardians around, and once all is said and done, the eighth automaton's skin is going down through the hole and all the way to the end.
    • Blimpstation : Players may want to swap that Radioactivity Suit for a Heat Protection Suit, as the next one is in the scorching Kluppy Dunes. The bulletin board is outside Blimpstation, which is located at the southern end of the area. The marker will point west, which leads to a radioactive bunker. After a fight with some elemental enemies, players will receive the ninth Automaton skin.
    • Sludge Deodorizum : It's probably unbearable, but stay at Kluppy's Dunes for the next one. West of Blimpstation is this bulletin board and, as expected now, there are a lot of slimy monsters and a Tincan on the trail. That aside, following the markers to the end guarantees the tenth automaton skin.
    Source: Biomutant
    • Aerodrome : Okay, quest hunters, get ready for a real challenge, as this one is a little hard to come by. First, Lobo's Blimpstation questline must be completed. This allows players to glide over the goo that insulates the northern islands of Kluppy Dunes. After swiping, the bulletin board will be on the southeastern side of the island. Interacting with him leads to the sewers, where players will need to solve a rotation puzzle to lower the water level. The wind tunnel provides an easy ride to the eleventh Automaton award. It's not very difficult, right?
    • Fume Foundry : Now would be a good time to change the Radioactivity Suit, as this next one is in the radioactive area southeast of Pichu Fortress. The notice board is on the east side of the factory and, interacting with it, leads to an underground tunnel. Don't worry, a Tincan makes a point of showing up, though after that it's Automaton's twelfth award.
    • Surfsurge Factory : The notice board for this one is in Whiz's workshop north of the Molyholy Outpost, though players will also walk past it during the main quest. After interacting with him, follow the markers to the frozen underground, but keep an eye out for a giant Mump. Shortly after is the thirteenth Automaton award.
    • Sludgegush Field : This one is northwest of Netra's Fortress, but keep your lungs protected with an oxygen suit. After interacting with the board, the marker takes you deeper into the mud fields and of course more enemies. After taking care of them, be sure to break the wall in this room before continuing. At the end of the path is the fourteenth Automaton award.
    • Manufacture : This final notice board is southwest of the Rokoblok Outpost. Swap back for the Radioactivity Suit once more, as well as bring a 7-star weapon, as there are plenty of radioactive beasts lurking around. Follow the marker northeast into an underground area and prepare to face another Tincan. As a reward, players receive the Automaton's final prize box.

    Biomutant I  is available on PC, PS4 e Xbox One.

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