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Let's take a look at the new champion in Summoner's Rift, Zeri! What items to build and how to play with it?

2022 is starting in full swing. The newest champion, Zeri, was just announced and players were able to test it out on the PBE server. She is an electric, fast-paced champion who resembles VALORANT's newest agent, Neon.

So with a new champion, we have to tell you all about them, right? Right. She's an exciting new bot lane champion who plays like no one you've ever seen before. So let's jump into it!

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Runes and Item Builds for Zeri

Runas Zeri

For her Runes, we suggest choosing Press Attack . Her Q applies on-hit effects, and counts as if you were a basic attack as well. That way, she will be doing a lot of damage to knock down opponents.

when adding Legend: Alacrity, you also gain continuous attack speed. This is also great for Zeri as she hits 1,50, but any extra attack speed will be turned into attack damage. Therefore, she will be able to hit harder later in the game, even if you scale her attack speed.

Zeri is also extremely soft , which is why we think having some defensive runes like Boneplating It will be very helpful to keep her healthy when she is in lane. Also, Zeri will synergize perfectly with enchanters, which is why Shieldbash it's also a great rune to pick on the secondary path.

Zeri items

There are many ways to play and build Zeri. You can use full AD or a mixed build. We think the full AD combo is her best from what we've seen being played on the PBE servers. So go for the Kraken Slayer – or if you're not sure, you can also build the Immortal Shieldbow – and take down enemies in style.

You can build the usual ADC items after that. The Collector for damage and execution – not to mention the extra gold. IE and Phantom Dancer and finally finish it all with Guardian Angel to give yourself a second life at the end of the game.

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Zeri will receive a Withered Rose skin! | © Riot Games

Zeri Gameplay – How to Play Zeri

Zeri is the newest ADC and Riot decided rock the meta with your kit . She plays differently than any other ADC. Instead of auto-attack, you use your Q as an auto-attack. It does not consume any part of your mana.

When playing Zeri, you'll want to be constantly moving to charge up and deal extra damage. So make sure you keep clicking while she moves while dealing damage with her Q. That way she can build up energy until she explodes, dealing massive damage.

Combine it with a protective support like Lulu, Nami, or even Rakan, and you'll be able to avoid any skill shots that come your way. with the additional movement speed through her passive, making her difficult to outrun.

In the early stages, you will focus on agriculture . Zeri doesn't have the greatest attack range, and she'll need to pick up some items, in order to play it safe. If you lose your dash early in a fight, it's best to back off, as this is your only defensive tool besides your shield-stealing passive.

Once you're level 6, you actually go online with Zeri. That's when she starts to pick up speed, and you'll also be able to destroy opponents with your items.

Zeri guide: good and bad synergies

You'll want to pair Zeri with a charming support that can protect her. She will gain speed thanks to the shield which will be crucial for her to continually save energy. As we mentioned, Zeri shouldn't stop moving.

So pick champions like Lulu ou Karma to accompany her. You can also try Friend, as he will be able to protect her and take down enemies, which gives Zeri the freedom to hit them with her Q.

The champions you won't want to play with Zeri are Yasuo or Leona . Yasuo can easily close the distance between him and Zeri and tear her to pieces, as she is extremely soft. Leona is also bad for her as she is able to get close with an E flash and Q combo to stun her.

Hope you can take some things out of this champion crafting guide for the youngest ADC de League of Legends, Zeri. Have fun with this new tough champion who plays like no other before her!

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