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Free Fire is one of those games that requires a great sense of map to win matches. However, using the right weapon is also of paramount importance to emerge victorious. Here's our list of the top weapons in the game to use right now.

Finding the right weapon can be a very tedious and challenging task. The right weapon is a combination of providing players with great movement speed along with incredible accuracy. 

In addition, the rate of fire of weapons is also important as it can be a complete game-changer in Free Fire. In addition, the damage, range and magazine size of a weapon are also very important elements to consider when finding the right weapon.

Best weapons to use:

# 1 MP40

The MP40 is the best SMG in the game and top players know it. From a crazy fast rate of fire to an incredible moment to kill in close-quarters combat, the MP40 is definitely the way to go for SMG lovers. Also, it will suit most users' gaming style.

# 2 M1014

The M1014 is the best Free Fire shotgun for sure. From close-range lethal damage to a decent rate of fire, players can land firefights without breaking a sweat. Also, what makes it a great choice is the fact that it's easily available when you land.

# 3 AWM

AWM has been a fan favorite for a long time and here's why. First of all, people have always wanted a reliable sniper rifle and this is an excellent option in Free Fire. That long range coupled with insane damage output is simply lethal on the battlefield.

# 4 M60

This is that LMG you should definitely use and look for at the same time in Garena Free Fire. The incredible damage numbers and bullet spread are certainly a force to reckon with.

#5 AK47

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No list is complete without the AK47. A high damage and recoil weapon. If you are someone who can easily control vertical recoil, this is the best weapon in Free Fire.

# 6 SCAR

The SCAR is basically a smaller recoil version of the AK47. It is a very stable and reliable weapon to use. However, it is better with tier 3 accessories.


This is a blast assault rifle and fires 3 bullets at a time. Famas has a great rate of fire and good accuracy for beginners to use and kill backpacks.

# 8 M4A1

This is the most stable assault rifle in the game for beginners. Also, if you're a beginner who doesn't care too much about weapon stats and just wants to have fun with friends, the M4A1 is the right weapon for you. Also, this weapon's stats are very well balanced even without any attachments, making it a viable choice for beginners.

# 9 Basket

The Groza is probably the best Garena Free Fire assault rifle. However, the reason it is placed so low on this list is because of its availability. The weapon is only available via air drops, which makes it a very risky affair.

# 10 M79

The M79 is the most brutal weapon of choice in the game. However, the problem with this is that it's hard to find on the battlefield. But if you find it, there's nothing like it. This grenade launcher literally blows people away and can be a massive game changer.

The bottom line here is that finding the weapon that best suits your playstyle is of paramount importance. Each weapon has a unique playstyle and you can use it to your advantage to get the most kills. 

Also, using the best weapon while not getting bored is another important thing to watch out for. This will not only improve your weapon control, but also make you more confident in difficult situations.

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