Best teams to start in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

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Starting FIFA 22 teams will make or break their initial Ultimate Team experience, so picking the right players, and getting cheap FUT cards, is very important; We've put together some assassin squads that you can build cheaply to get you started right away.

O FIFA 22 is finally here, announced with a slew of changes – and that means FUT fans around the world are hard at work building their first teams as a starter.

O Ultimate Team will be the first destination for many players, in the quest to form a great team from the beginning, in order to accumulate as many victories as possible in Rivals Division e Squad Battles . Go right there, and you might qualify for the FUT Champions Weekend League with tons of rewards up for grabs.

Whether you have a FUT budget of 15k coins or 100k coins, looking at the Premier League or Bundesliga or elsewhere, we have a FIFA 22 starter teams for you.


The road to ultimate FUT glory starts with cheap beasts and FIFA 22 starter teams.

Best FIFA 22 Starter Teams for All Budgets

It is important to note that, due to budget constraints for each cast, not all of them are 100 chemists. So we set the minimum bar to 90 so that you are at least in good shape as far as team chemistry is concerned.

Here are all the best FUT starter squads:

  • 10k Starter Squad – Série A
  • 20k Starter Squad – Bundesliga
  • 50k Starter Squad – Ligue 1
  • 75k Starter Squad – Premier League
  • 100k Starter Squad – Hybrid

As always, all prices are courtesy of FUTBIN. Also remember that the FUT market is volatile; Listed prices may fluctuate in stages over the first few weeks.


You'll have to do a bit of trading in FIFA 22 to pay for some of these FUT starter teams.

10k FIFA 22 Starting Team – Serie A

Right off the bat, Dexerto wants to recommend that you aim for a Serie A team for your first starting lineup in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

The Italian league has some of the strongest middle cards in the game, but because it's not as popular as the big competitions like the Premier League, La Liga and even Ligue 1 with its Paris Saint-Germain stars like Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, Most Serie A players have very low prices.

This team is focused on Muriel and Lozano attacking from the right, supported by Lazzari and Haps bombing the wings on either side, opening up chances for their quick Muriel in the middle.

Total cost

  • PS4: 9,9k
  • Xbox One: 10,4k
  • Origin: 9,2k
Fabric capture via FUTBIN

Starting Serie A FUT Selection: This will cost around 10k in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

20K FIFA 22 starter team – Bundesliga

Then comes Germany's top football league, the Bundesliga.

Dexerto adopted a specific angle here for the 20k starting team; we're spending money on the wingers, Leroy Sane (84) and Filip Kostic (84), both with speed between 88 and 90. These two forwards are supported by the trio Marco Reus of Borussia Dortmund, Jude Bellingham and Emre Can in a central pivot -field.

Playing through Reus will give you all the perks you need when attacking with Malen, Sane, and Kostic, especially considering their long balls are killer.

In the back, we saved some coins, accumulating fast defenders and defenders with high defensive stats. If you've got a few extra coins in your pocket, Kevin Mbabu of Wolfsburg (79 rating, 88 pace) is the perfect cheap right-back upgrade.

Total cost

  • PS4: 15,4k
  • Xbox One: 18,1k
  • Origin: 19,4k
Fabric capture via FUTBIN
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Bundesliga FUT Selection: This will cost around 20k in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

50K FIFA 22 starter team - La Liga

Look, we'll be the first to admit that after losing big stars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Spanish La Liga has lost some of its FIFA shine.

That said, there are still plenty of big names playing for the top clubs in the Spanish competition, including Eden Hazard, Gareth Bale and Antoine Griezmann, all of whom we're guaranteed to include in this mouthwatering 50-strong selection.

The team may not have a lot of pace, but it makes up for it in skills.

A frontline attack from Hazard, Depay and Bale is sure to cause headaches for even the best FUT players, and Nabil Fekir and Griezmann feeding through balls and shots from afar only add to the team's offensive power.

Behind them, the young Real Madrid star Camavinga dominates the midfield pivot, especially with his high/high work rates and balanced gold card with 78 points.

Total cost

  • PS4: 50,9k
  • Xbox One: 45,4k
  • Origin: 56,8k
Fabric capture via FUTBIN

La Liga FUT squad: This will cost around 50k in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

75K Starting Team of FIFA 22 – Premier League

The one everyone was looking for: the Premier League. The English league is by far the most popular football competition in the world, so it's no surprise that most players tend to use it in FIFA 22 as well.

For this squad, we chose the 4-2-3-1 formation, complete with three attacking midfielders. Those are your central players Mason Mount, Kai Havertz and Phil Foden should be creative enough to pick any defense. So at the end of any shot is Romelu Lukaku, back in Chelsea colors after dominating Italy.

Ruben Dias and Joe Gomez create a barrier in the defense, and are flanked by two of the best defenders in the championship, Cancelo and Tierney. The final touches come in midfield, with the mighty Rodri and Allan ready to clean all the openings.

Total cost

  • PS4: 73,4k
  • Xbox One: 75k
  • Origin: 91,3k
Fabric capture via FUTBIN

Premier League FUT Selection: This will cost you around 75k in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

100K FIFA 22 starter team – Hybrid

And now we come to the final starting cast, the beefy hybrid 100k cast.

We made a point of putting some leagues here, including Premier League, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga, mostly through a French superstar left flank. The core of the team is focused on Wissam Ben Yedder and Kingsley Coman, while Leeds' dynamo Raphinha provides speedy width on the right.

We may suggest switching Fekir and Tchouameni once you enter the game. That means you can use Nabil Fekir as a lethal CAM and set Allan and Tchouameni to protect your bottom line. Between the two, Tchou's pace, defensive strength and height should totally dominate the midfield. This will give your wingmen, at 93 and 91 pace respectively, plenty of changes to get away from battle.

In the rear, the rising prodigies Upamecano and Gomez must rule any striker who wants to hit their goals. If all else fails, however, Jordan Pickford is a very reliable Premier League goalkeeper, enabling the English combination of Gomez and Wan-Bissaka.

Total cost

  • PS4: 100,9k
  • Xbox One: 83,7k
  • Origin: 118,2k
Fabric capture via FUTBIN

FUT Hybrid Squad: This will cost around 75K in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

So there you have it; five ultimate beginner teams to start off on the right foot (pun very intended) in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Once you've worked with them, you're ready to dive into Division Rivals and FUT Champs in your quest for ultimate FUT glory.

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