Best Rengar League of Legends: Wild Rift build - skills, items, runes and spells

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Here is the best Build for Wild Rift Rengar

Rengar is a fearsome new champion of League of Legends: Wild Rift. He's an S-tier fighter that you're most likely to encounter in the wild, though he's also a capable Baron Laner. He's also a giant albino male lion encased in some of the coolest armor we've seen for a while. And he even has an eye patch. Yes, Rengar is really cool.

He's a flexible and complex character whether you're playing Jungle or Baron Lane, and he's strong enough early in the game to take down most other characters. By the end of the game, he can become a terrifying presence, provided you've played him from the start. However, you will have to invest some time to really understand his abilities.

Hopefully, after reading this guide to League of Legends: Wild Rift Rengar , you'll be a few steps closer to understanding how to best use Rengar. We analyze his skills and suggest the best build if you are going to take him into the wild. Naturally, you want to be a super cool lion man, and with this guide, your dream will soon come true. So, let's go ahead.


  • Invisible predator (passive)

Rengar technically has two liabilities. Stealth Predator allows him to jump on his target when he is camouflaged or when he is in the bush. He can use it on any target unit, not just champions and minions.

Rengar also generates Ferocity whenever he auto-attacks or uses an ability. If he doesn't have Ferocity when using Stealth Predator, he gains a stack. When he has four stacks, the next skill he uses will be buffed and gain additional properties.

Rengar's other passive is the Bonetooth Necklace, which gives him a trophy when he defeats a unique champion. For each trophy, which can stack up to five, he gains additional damage.

  • Savagery (active)

This increases the damage of Rengar's next attack and increases his attack speed for three seconds. If powered by Ferocity, it will do even more damage and increase your speed for five seconds.

Cast this before jumping out of the woods with Invisible Predator to deal massive damage to unsuspecting opponents. Savagery is also an auto-attack reset, which adds extra layers to your combo potential.

  • Battle Roar (active)

Battle Roar is an AoE attack that also heals Rengar for half of any recent damage he has taken. Use it right after an opponent has hit you with their most damaging attack to instantly heal.

Although Battle Roar has the power of Ferocity, you can cast it when controlled to instantly clear any effects. It also grants you a movement speed boost. Make sure you always know which version of Battle Roar you are about to use.

  • Ball Strike (active)

This one sees Rengar throwing a ball to slow down his target and deal some damage. Ferocity's version of the empowered ability roots its target, making it super useful against champions with mobility moves.

You can chain Strike Ball with a jump to great effect. If you miss with Ball, instantly cast Flash to cancel the animation and put yourself in a better position to catch whoever is running away from you.

  • Hunting emotion (active)

Rengar's ultimate reveals the closest champion and grants him extra cloaking and movement speed. You will also receive armor shards for your first attack out of camouflage, which will knock down your opponent's armor for four seconds.


  • Youmuu's Phantom Blade
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Passive Momentum here makes you faster, stacking some of your abilities, and Spectral Haste gives you more damage when you attack with a full stack of Momentum.

  • Ionic Boots of Lucidity

This increases your movement speed, which is always useful in the wild. They also increase skill speed and increase summoner spell cooldown.

  • force of the trinity

More health, more damage, faster attack speed, and a bunch of extra goodies make this the perfect choice for Rengar.

  • Death dance

This pairs perfectly with Battle Roar, with its Cauterize allowing you to convert 30% of the damage you just took into DPS while ignoring the rest.

  • Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel's passive Resurrect is like another line of defense when Cauterize and Battle Roar aren't enough to save you.

  • deadly reminder

The extra armor penetration you get with the Mortal Reminder will allow you to take down even the most equipped tanks.


  • Conqueror

Take this instead of electrocuting. It fits in perfectly with all your other abilities as it does more damage the more you use it and is incredibly useful in extended trades.

  • Reach of the Immortals

This allows you to gain bonuses when entering combat, which can be very useful when you are jumping out of the bush and taking your opponent by surprise.

  • Brutal

If you're into Jungling like Rengar, this is the best choice because it will help you clear camps faster in the early game.

  • Hunter – Titan

The extra Tenacity you get from this can come in handy when you don't have enough Ferocity stacks to eliminate CC effects.


  • rumble

This is really useful for grow camps and goal completion. If you are facing strong duelist hunters, simply upgrade it to Red. If not, Blue is your best bet.

  • glare

As we've already mentioned, Flash can be very useful for Rengar, not to mention all the extra offensive and defensive options it opens up.

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