Best PPSh 41 loadout in Warzone: For movement and close-range battles

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A PPSh-41 SMG has a large mag, fast rate of fire and works great as a sniper support

Warzone's best PPSh 41 loadouts play to the strengths of this new SMG that arrived with Warzone Season 3.

It's a classic Call of Duty weapons since his World at War days. While it's 'old' for the game and old in real life (he first saw the service in 1941), its high ammo count and high rate of fire mean it can still be a great option to play with. 

Obviously as an SMG this isn't made for ranged games, but Warzone PPSh 41 still has a lot to offer in near-medium ranges. 

And thanks to the accessories, you can adjust it in a variety of versatile ways, depending on the role you want to play. Up next, the best Warzone PPSh 41 loadouts in this guide will give you a variety of medium to short range options, and maybe give you a new favorite weapon to beat.

Best PPSh 41 loadout for short distance

Source: Activision
  • Snout : Sound suppressor
  • Laser : Mounted Flashlight
  • Stock : Raider Stock
  • Ammunition : Drum 55 Rnd
  • rear handle : Serpent Wrap

The PPSh 41 is an SMG, so naturally it's a great weapon to use in close quarters situations. With that in mind, you can use the regular Muzzle Sound Suppressor instead of the GRU Suppressor (more on that below) in this PPSh 41 package. The sound suppressor is much lighter and allows for faster ADS speeds, keeping you off the minimap.

Likewise, you should skip using a barrel with this build as you will be using it up close. Along with that, we recommend using the Mounted Laser Flashlight, which improves your movement speed and aim movement speed without negatively affecting your accuracy.

Then go with the Raider Stock for increased ADS shooting movement speed, a boost to aim walking movement speed, and a faster sprint to timed shooting, all of which are ideal at close range. 

With the PPSh 41, you will always want to use at least the 55 Rnd barrel ammo, as it runs out of ammo very quickly. Finally, go with the Serpent Wrap Rear Handle for faster ADS times without penalizing your movement speeds. 

Best PPSh 41 loadout for medium range

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  • Snout : GRU suppressor
  • Barril : 15,7" Task Force
  • Optics : Millstop reflex
  • underbarrel : Spetsnaz Grip
  • Ammunition : Tambor Spetsnaz 71 Rnd

You can build the PPSh-41 to work at medium range, thanks to its decent accuracy and manageable recoil. To do this, equip the GRU Suppressor Muzzle for sound suppression, better vertical recoil control, increased projectile speed, and high damage range, which will come in handy at mid-range. 

So stick with the 15,7” Task Force Barrel to improve your damage range, bullet speed, and fire speed – again, to improve your chances of taking out a player when taking those mid-range shots. 

Since you'll be using this PPSh 41 loadout at mid-range, you should consider equipping an Optic of some kind, like the Millstop Reflex or something similar. This will help keep you on target.

Next, we highly recommend using the Spetsnaz Grip Underbarrel to improve your vertical and horizontal recoil control. This is ideal in a mid range and you will notice the difference. Finally, go with the Drum Spetsnaz 71 Rnd to increase your ammo capacity, which you'll need at longer ranges as kill shots increase the further away your target is. 

Best PPSh 41 all-around loadout

(Image credit: Activision)
  • Snout : GRU suppressor
  • Barril : 15,7" Task Force
  • Stock : Raider Stock
  • Ammunition : Drum 55 Rnd
  • rear handle : Serpent Wrap

Although, as always, it's a good idea to have a PPSh 41 loadout that works in more than one kind of situation, which is where this PPSh 41 build comes into play. As before, equip the GRU Suppressor for that added vertical recoil control, increased projectile speed and damage range, while keeping it off the minimap.

After that, continue with the 15,7” Task Force Barrel for the same reasons outlined above. These first two accessories will help eliminate players at greater distances. 

Follow that up with Raider Stock for faster ADS shooting movement speed, faster aiming movement speed, and faster sprint time to fire, just like with close range building.

For this loadout, we recommend the 55 Rnd drum ammo so you don't impact your mobility too much, while still preserving an effective amount of ammo to take out more than one player before you need to reload. Finally, we advise using the Serpent Wrap Rear Grip to improve ADS speed.

As you can see, this is effectively a hybrid of the two previous versions, prioritizing range accuracy, while also allowing for quick mobility and ADS speeds. This will be the most practical build as it will allow you to engage enemies up close and at medium range. 

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