Best OTs 9 loadout in Warzone: Attachments, perks, configuration

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OTs 9 is one of the deadliest SMGs to be added to Warzone, so find out which attachments you should use to destroy Verdansk in the Season 6 update.

Warzone Season 6 is well underway and has brought a number of changes to weapon balance. It's safe to say the patch shook up the game's meta, with OTs 9 rising to the top five most popular weapons in the game.

This fully automatic submachine gun comes packed with an extremely fast rate of fire, great recoil and decent damage in close quarters combat. 

Whether you're looking to put OTs 9 into action or just want to see where it fits in among Warzone's meta SMGs, you'll want to make sure you have the best accessories. 

Best OTs 9 loadout for Warzone

Activision / Treyarch

The OTs 9 might be a favorite for many SMG fans.


  • Snout: GRU suppressor 
  • Barrel: 8,1” Task Force 
  • Stock:  Spetsnaz Stock
  • Ammunition: VDV 40 Rnd Fast Mag
  • Underbarrel:  Bruiser Grip

GRU suppressor cano from 8,1” Task Force help increase the damage range of OTs 9, while decreasing the vertical recoil of the weapon. If that wasn't enough, the added bullet velocity and muzzle suppression will help ensure long-range kills and keep your shots hidden.

To improve the OTs 9's sprint for shooting, movement speed and hip shooting accuracy, we used the Bruiser Grip and the Spetsnaz Stock . These handy accessories eliminate any slowdowns, giving you the tools you need to aggressively attack your enemies.  

While squad wipes may be out of the question, the VDV 40 Rnd Fast Mag is arguably the best choice. This attachment not only provides the maximum amount of bullets, but also ensures that the reload time is minimal. 

Best configuration OTs 9 (perks and equipment)

Activision / Treyarch

The OTs 9 loadout will be familiar to most Warzone players.

  • Perk 1: DOE
  • Advantage 2: Overkill
  • Advantage 3: amped
  • Primary: Cold War AK47
  • Aircraft: Semtex
  • Tactical: heart rate sensor
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Our OTs 9 class utilizes all the standard Warzone meta perks. ODL helps keep you safe from explosions, while amped gives you increased speed when switching to your primary weapon. 

While OTs 9 might have a little more range than your average SMG, you're still better off switching to an AR in medium to long-range firefights. As a result, the benefit Overkill it is a must for those who wish to be competitive at all tracks. We recommend using either EM2 or Cold War AK47, as they are the top tier options in the current meta.

After securing your first load, we recommend switching to a class that has the Ghost privilege. This will keep you hidden from any prying eyes and protect you from enemy UAV spam. 

Completing things at the bottom is the Semtex and the heart rate sensor . Both items are essential for those who like to aggressively pursue enemy squads and drive off pesky campers. 

How to unlock OTs 9 in Warzone


OTs 9 is the latest SMG to join Warzone.

To unlock OTs 9 you will need kill quickly 2 or more players in 15 different games using an SMG 

Gunning for multi-kills can be quite tricky on larger maps, so we recommend playing Nuketown or Hijacked whenever possible. Hardcore playlists can also help you kill easy kills. For Warzone, you'll want to stay on Rebirth Island due to the more intimate nature of the mode's firefights. 

Alternative to OTs 9 loadout

Activision / Treyarch

The Bullfrog is a great short to medium range weapon in Warzone.

Another weapon that has a similar playstyle to OTs 9 is the Bullfrog. While this Cold War SMG can do less damage than its more recent counterpart, it has a much larger magazine. 

In fact, our best Bullfrog load uses 65 Rnd Mags. This allows you to take down multiple enemies without having to reload – an area that OTs 9 struggle against. Bullfrog also has impressive damage range, making it extremely versatile when played on Rebirth Island and Verdansk. 

While OTs 9 is currently considered the meta SMG in Warzone, Bullfrog can still hold its own and is a perfect option for players who prefer Trios and Quads.

For those looking for a similar playstyle to OTs 9, Bullfrog is without a doubt the next best choice. 

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