Best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege in 2021

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Here are the most powerful Siege operators

As a continuous game for over six years, Rainbow Six Siege has changed a lot since its release in 2015, and well, that's the nature of competitive multiplayer games. 

You get a lot of improvements, new game mechanics, and a lot of balance changes that favor the best players and esports, and all of this is good as it reminds us that the game is still alive and striving to get better and better.

For Rainbow Six Siege, the changes arrive at a slow, timed tone, allowing players to adapt to new features before the next ones arrive.

In addition to major gameplay changes, there are ongoing balance changes that directly affect Operators in Rainbow Six Siege. While the purpose behind balance changes is to prevent Operators from being overwhelmed, they are sometimes implemented in a strange way.

That said, if you have a dynamic list of the best Operators based on the latest changes in Rainbow Six Siege, you can invest in the right Operator at the right time.

Best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege in 2021

First, let's take a quick look at our picks for the 5 best attackers and 5 best defenders in Rainbow Six Siege in 2021. Next, we'll talk about each operator individually.


Operatorprimary weaponsecondary weaponMain gadgetSecondary GadgetSpeedHealth
IanaARX ​​200 / G36CMK1 9mm / Gonne-6Gemini ReplicatorFrag / Smoke Grenade22
MaverickAR15.50 / M41911 Tacopsbreakout torchFrag Grenade / Claymore22
HibanaType-89 / SupernovaP229 / Bearing-9X-CairoStun Grenade / Breach Charge31
NomadicARX ​​200 / AK74M.44 Mag Semi-Auto / PRB92Airjab LauncherStun Grenade / Breach Charge22
sledM590A1 / L85A2P226 MK 25Tactical Hammer BreakerGrenade Stun / Frag Grenade22


Operatorprimary weaponsecondary weaponMain gadgetSecondary GadgetSpeedHealth
MelusiMP5 / Super 90RG15Banshee Sonic DefenseBulletproof camera / impact grenade31
FumaçaFMG-9/M590A1SMG-11 / P226 MK 25Remote Gas GrenadeImplantable shield / barbed wire22
ValkyrieMPX / SPAS-12D-50Black eyeImpact Grenade / Nitro Cell22
AruniP10Roni / MK14 EBRPRB92Surya GateBarbed wire / bulletproof camera22
AlibiStorm Mx4 / ACS12Keratos .357 / Bailiff 410PrismaImplantable Shield / Impact Grenade31



Similar to Buck, Sledge is a great Operator when it comes to creating vertical angles, but what makes him stand taller than Buck is his ACOG scope and, of course, two frag grenades.

Before Buck lost his grenades, it was really hard to choose between Sledge and Buck - although Sledge's SMG-11 was a big plus. But now, Sledge is preferable, despite losing his SMG-11.

If you're going to play on a map with multiple vertical angles and destructible floors, Sledge is a must-have choice for your team.


Thanks to her Airjab Launcher, Nomad can ensure the safety of her teammates and herself from any threat, turning vagrants into harmless bait. All you need is perfect timing.

Also, having the ARX 200 as a primary weapon and a secondary with a special scope makes the Nomad a unique and unique operator.


Hibana has always been a great hard drive breaker and a highly flexible operator with powerful weapons. Your X-Kairos is still the best remote invader in Rainbow Six Siege.

Additionally, being a 3-speed operator, featuring an effective primary weapon with an easy-to-control recoil, and having the Bearing-9 as a secondary weapon, makes Hibana a mighty warrior.


A violator with a powerful weapon and two frag grenades, who doesn't want such an Operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

Maverick is a well-balanced attacker and a perfectly armed operator for different situations in Rainbow Six Siege. He's probably one of the few operators in the game who can fight his way to the Defender website all by himself.


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Intel is the most valuable thing a team needs in Rainbow Six Siege, which is why Iana is currently the best attack operator in the game.

Iana's Gemini Replicator allows her to get information from the opposing team anytime she wants with unlimited attempts, and that's what makes her incredibly beneficial to the team.

Also, Iana's loadout is just as impressive as her main gadget. Equipped with the ARX 200 and two frag grenades, Iana can become highly dangerous to the Defenders in firefights and clutches, although the latest reduction in the ARX 200 magazine's capacity has slowed her down a bit.



After receiving a significant nerf for her Mx4 Storm, Alibi may no longer have a place in her squad, but she is still powerful and, unfortunately, an underrated operator in Rainbow Six Siege.

Aside from the Prism, which is a tricky device for distracting Attackers and locating them, the Alibi's powerful loadout is what makes it special.

Do you want an SMG with a high rate of fire? She has. Do you want a 2.0x scope on a deadly single shot weapon? She has. Do you want the implantable shield? She has. Do you want flexibility? She has.

While Mx4 Storm's recoil can be unmanageable, if you tune the weapon with a Muzzle Brake and a Vertical Grip while using a holographic sight, it would be much better.


The Surya Gate of Aruni is a true miracle for defenders. Not only does it prevent invaders from entering the place, it also forces them to sacrifice 30 HP or a valuable piece of equipment like a drone, a frag grenade, a smoke grenade, or at least a stun grenade.

While the recoil nerf on P10 Roni might seem a little disappointing to Aruni fans, she is still among the top picks for players as Surya Gate is an irreplaceable tech for Defenders.


Being second in Ban Rate in all recent seasons shows just how powerful Valkyrie is. All ignored, the combination of Black Eye and Nitro Cell could almost guarantee you a kill each round.

Although the next nerf limits Valkyrie's ability to throw the Black Eye out of buildings, still, she's such a team-oriented operator that every team likes to have her on the squad. The only downside to Valkyrie is her weak primary weapons.


As an original operator, Smoke has always been on top as a flexible defender. He has balanced weapons, a perfect primary device, and a detachable shield to ensure his safety.

Having Smoke on the site will ensure your base doesn't get hit by a surprise wave, and you'll be able to keep enemies at bay for a considerable amount of time.

Not to mention the combination of a powerful shotgun and SMG-11 is what Smoke is best known for.


While Melusi joined the party during Year 5, she is one of the best operators on the Defense side, even after all the nerfs she received for her weapons and Banshees.

Melusi's Banshee is almost an irreplaceable piece of technology, very similar to Aruni's Surya Gate. It is a combination of Proximity Alarm and Barbed Wire that not only alerts you to upcoming threats but also allows you to hunt your prey more easily.

Most importantly, Melusi is a 3 speed carrier and that means she has great flexibility allowing her to cover Banshees only when needed.

Rainbow Six's Best Siege Operators: Notable Mentions

There are a lot of great Operators in Rainbow Six Siege that could grab the entire game in their favor if you only knew how to play them. Here are some notable mentions that could be in the top 5.

  • Mira (Defender) : The only reason she was excluded from the list above is the fact that she was banned in Ranked and Unranked modes most of the time, but on the other hand, Mira is a highly powerful Defender with a perfectly matched loadout.
  • IQ (Attacker) : After its most recent rework, IQ is now a much better, team-oriented Operator for Attackers. In addition, she has a powerful loadout with three different primary weapons.
  • Master (Defender): Evil Eye is still brilliant technology for gathering information, dealing damage to enemies and distracting them. You can hardly find anything close to Evil Eye in the entire game right now.
  • Flowers (attacker): Flores has proven to be a solid attacker who can use his RCE-Ratero in a variety of ways to destroy Defender gear or make the move from where they strictly cover.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC 

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