Best MP40 Warzone loadout

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The MP40 has quickly established itself as the strongest Vanguard SMG in Warzone, but which loadout and attachments should you use to get the most out of the weapon?

With the arrival of the Season XNUMX update, two new weapons have been added to Warzone for players to use and try out.

While this has given the community more options, it's still difficult to know which weapons are worth adding to your loadout list. Well, while the STG44 and Cooper Carabine stood out as the strongest ARs in the meta, it's the MP40 that has emerged as the ultimate Vanguard SMG.

Not only does the weapon have a lethal TTK, it also provides the user with plenty of mobility, which is essential in Warzone when trying to reposition and flank opponents.

However, to get the most out of the weapon, you'll need to perform a meta loadout, and luckily, we've got you covered.

Best MP40 Warzone loadout

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When it comes to perks, our loadout performs the default meta choices with  ODL  protecting you from explosive explosions and  amped increasing your weapon switching speed, giving you the chance to come out on top during intense firefights.

We recommend using Overkill instead of Ghost with the MP40 as the weapon doesn't work well at long range so having a sniper or AR as a secondary is essential. We recommend using Cooper Carbine, as it is currently the most popular AR in Season XNUMX.

Finally, end the class with a Semtex to force enemies out of cover and a Stim to increase health in the middle of a battle.

How to unlock MP40 in Warzone

Unlocking the MP40 in Warzone and Vanguard is quite simple as only requires players to reach level 16 in the Pacific season.

While we recommend reaching this level in Vanguard multiplayer as it is faster, it can easily be done in Warzone, but it will take a little more time.

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