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    Best MP40 Vanguard loadout

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    The best MP40 loadout in CoD Vanguard will help you pick up the pace and keep you on top of the leaderboard match after match in Season 1. Here's everything you need to know.

    As with all Vanguard weapons, equipping your favorite weapon is just the beginning. With 70 levels of weapon attachments and unique in-game unlocks, you're left with hundreds of potential builds to truly craft your ideal tool of destruction.

    In Vanguard's Gunsmith, you have more options at your disposal than ever before. With up to 10 attachment slots on most weapons, the possible upgrades are immense.

    The MP-40 isn't sloppy from the start, but with the right setup, you can turn the weapon into an entirely different crossbow.

    From the best ammo types and magazines to the best weapon proficiency and everything in between, here's our roundup of the best MP-40 magazine in Vanguard Season 1.

    • Mouth: M1929 silencer
    • Cano: Krausnick 317MM 04B
    • Coupling: Carver grip
    • Loader: Magazines 32 Shells 8MM Kurs
    • Ammunition: elongated
    • Cabo San Lucas: Fabric Grip
    • Lens: Slate Reflector
    • Butt: Krausnick 33M Foldable
    • Advantage 1: First Precision
    • Advantage 2: Fast

    Best MP40 Class Vanguard Tips

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    The MP40 on Vanguard has been crowned the best SMG by various content creators and professionals. However, to get the most out of this loadout, you'll have to understand how to use it effectively. Here are some tips on how to maximize our best MP40 Vanguard charging:

    • This weapon is an SMG, your priority should be to get into combat combat. short and medium range .
    • At extreme short distances, shoot to hip on the crosshair will be more effective.
    • the privilege "Ghost" will hide it from the enemy minimap. Don't be afraid to be aggressive!
    • The use of "Stim" e  â€śDouble Time” paired with this class MP40 will allow you to be incredibly fast. Use this agility to improve your movement.

    Also, remember to always develop a style of play that works best for you. That said, if you're still struggling to succeed with the MP40, these tips should come in handy.

    How to unlock MP40 in Vanguard


    The MP40 is unlocked at level 16.

    To unlock MP40 in CoD Vanguard, you need to reach account level 16 . This shouldn't take long if you use double XP tokens or play with assault and blitz combat rhythm. 

    To maximize XP, also make sure to play objective in game modes like Domination, Patrol, and Hardpoint.

    Keep in mind that your rate of fire results in less accuracy at range. So if you choose to use this SMG, your priority should be getting into close range firefights.

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