Best MG42 loadout for Warzone Pacific Caldera

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Here are the accessories, perks and equipment you need to make the best MG42 loadout for Warzone Pacific Caldera.

The MG42's excellent damage output and magazine size make it a great choice for Warzone Pacific players if they can assemble the best MG42 loadout. 

The MG42's excellent damage output and magazine size make it a great choice for Warzone Pacific players if they can assemble the best MG42 loadout. 

Vanguard weapons are quickly becoming a popular choice for Pacific Warzone players. The option to equip ten attachments has made Vanguard weapons a real force to be reckoned with. What's more, a recent Cold War Black Ops weapon nerf has increased the usefulness of weapons Vanguard

With so many options to choose from, it can be quite confusing to get started. Hopefully, this loading guide will set you on the path to Warzone Pacific success. 

Here are the ten accessories, perks, and gear you'll need to make the MG42 a top-notch weapon. 

Best MG42 accessories for Warzone Pacific

  • Snout : G28 compensator
  • Barrel:  VDD 890MM 32M Air Protection 
  • Optical:  G16 2,5x
  • Stock:  Krausnick S91MG
  • Underbarrel:  M1941 hand stop 
  • Magazine:  MM Anti-Material 125 Round Drums
  • Ammo type:  elongated
  • Rear Handle:  Fabric fist 
  • Advantage:  tight grip
  • Advantage 2:  fully loaded

The MG42 has a notorious recoil pattern that has caused quite a stir among Warzone players. While the ground loot version of this weapon sucks, the  Compensador G28, VDD 890MM 32M Air Raid, Krausnick S91MG e  M1941 hand stop  work to improve this weapon's accuracy and recoil control. 

It's a shame that most of these accessories come at the cost of reducing movement speed, but that's just something LMG players are going to have to accept. 

O  Fabric Grip  will help alleviate some of this problem by increasing the speed of the ADS. O  G16 2,5x  optics is a popular choice for ranged weapons and the  elongated  Ammo type will ensure your bullets keep power at a distance. 

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There are several excellent Perk accessories to choose from, but  a  greater precision and control Tight Grip appear to be the most valuable contributions. Meanwhile, the magazine 13MM Anti-Material 125 Round Drums increases range and ensures that you will rarely run out of ammo in firefights.  Fully loaded  will provide maximum ammunition. 

Best perks and MG42 equipment 

  • Advantage 1:  double-time
  • Advantage 2:  Overkill
  • Advantage 3:  amped
  • Secondary:  MP40
  • Aircraft:  Frag
  • Tactical:  Stun

O Double Time  will be incredibly useful due to the slow mobility that comes with the MG42. Increasing your sprint time will ensure you don't fall behind when traversing Caldera with an LMG. Overkill  will allow you to equip a machine gun for close-range firefights. The MP40 is a great choice to cover the MG42's more obvious weakness. 

Thanks to  amped , you can switch from MP40 to MG42 as soon as possible. This will undoubtedly prevent some frustrating deaths. 

The combination FragStun works well as an additional utility in engagements. You can also opt for a Semtex, but keep in mind that it is not accessible in Vanguard Royale. 

How to unlock MG42 not Vanguard and not Warzone Pacific

Fortunately for Vanguard and Warzone Pacific players, the MG42 is highly accessible. The weapon can be accessed after unlocking Custom Loadouts in the Rank 4 . 

New players won't have to wait long to get their hands on the LMG.

Warzone Pacfic alternatives to MG42

LMG weapons are far from conventional and certainly not suitable for all playstyles. If you can't get over the MG42's low mobility, the automaton might be your go-to weapon. It shoots with the same accuracy, but you'll trade some damage for increased mobility. 

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