Best Control Settings for CoD Vanguard: Aim Aid, Sensitivity, and More

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Call of Duty: Vanguard has officially launched and CoD players are starting to get familiar with the game, how it plays and all the new features. Control players are tasked with finding the best settings to improve their game, but this guide should make things a little easier.

want you to be playing Call of Duty for two or 10 years, it's nearly impossible to find the optimal controller settings right away.

The sensitivity you used last year will look a little different, the new aim assist settings don't quite match what you're used to.

While this largely comes down to personal preference, these Vanguard controller settings are a great way to get started right away on Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Vanguard controller settings


You'll want to make sure your settings are perfectly suited to maximize your potential in Vanguard.

The Vanguard controller settings are filtered into two main subsections: controller and gameplay. Here are the best settings to get started in each section.


Basic controls

  • Horizontal Stick Sensitivity: 6
  • Vertical Stick Sensitivity: 6
  • Ground vehicle sensitivity multiplier : 1,00
  • Air vehicle sensitivity multiplier: 1,00
  • ADS sensitivity multiplier: 0,90
  • Button layout preset: pattern
  • Vertical sight (a foot): Standard
  • Vertical target (land vehicles): Standard
  • Vertical target (air vehicles): Standard
  • Target response curve type: Standard / Dynamic
  • Control vibration: Off
  • trigger effect: Off
  • Weapon fire limit: Off

advanced controls

  • ADS Sens. Transition time: Snapshot
  • ADS Sens multiplier. (Steady Aim): 1,00
  • Stick Layout Predefinido: Standard
  • Control orientation: Up
  • Swap ADS Stick: Off
  • L2 min. Input dead zone: 13
  • R2 button min. Input dead zone: 13
  • Left stick min. Entry dead zone: 8 (increase if you get stick drift)
  • Right stick min. Input dead zone: 8 (increase if you get stick drift)
  • Left stick max. Input dead zone: 99
  • Right handle max. Input dead zone: 99
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Make sure you find what works best for you.


weapons and equipment

  • Target assist: On
  • ADS Aim Assist: On
  • Weapon Mount Activation: ADS Double Tap
  • Gun mount movement output: On
  • Ammo depleted weapon switch: On
  • Blind Fire: On


  • Automatic Airborne Cloak: Partial
    • Grounded Cloak: Off
    • Auto. solo cloak: off
  • Mantle pose row: connected
  • Automatic Sprint: Automatic Tactical Sprint
  • Automatic Advance: Off
  • Sprint cancels top up: off
  • Sprinting Door Bash: Off

action behavior

  • Slide behavior: touch
  • ADS behavior: Hold
  • Equipment behavior: waiting
  • Constant aim behavior: Manter
  • Self. Firearm behavior: Hold
  • Interaction/recharge behavior: tap to recharge
  • Scoreboard behavior: Alternate

Try a few different settings to find the best options.

Of course, many of these settings come down entirely to personal preference. You might want to look at the individual ADS settings for each oscilloscope, or play around with different types of Aim Assist, to find out what really works best for you.

Now that you have the best Vanguard controller settings, it's time to start practicing - especially with the integration of the Warzone arriving on December 2nd.

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