Best cheap players in FIFA Mobile

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Are you on a tight budget and want to improve your FIFA Mobile team? You're in the right place.

How do we rate a cheap player?

Rather than just looking at a player's OVR, we look at the individual stats that matter for the player's position and also how those stats will evolve as you evolve that player to a higher level.

When a player has good stats and is priced cheaper compared to similar players, you will find them in the list below. So easy …

Cheap players you should get

A detail before we get into the list, here are listed only the players that you can buy in the market.


Carlos Izquierdoz (CB)

Source: Screenshot of the game

Marking (73) and heading (79) These are the main stats for this position and this player is already strong here, even though he is only a Gold Card.

If you're lucky, you can get it with 30.000 or 35.000 coins and then keep it and level it up.


John Schmidt (CM)

This shouldn't be a silver card. Midfielders who have long/short passing, ball control and long shot stats are generally pretty good and this card already has it all with 69 OVR. 71/73 in passing with 76 ball control and 77 long range shooting, he will be a great help to his team.

If you keep him up and level him up to 85, you'll even see passes at 87/85 with 90 ball control and 89 long shots, amazing stats and really very cheap to get.

Theo Walcott (RM)

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Source: Screenshot of the game

This card has good speed (90) and at the same time is a Gold Card (very important for that position), in addition to having a good dribble (81) and a decent finish.

Remember that this is a Gold Card and you can level it up. If you take it to 85, you'll see speed at 97 and dribbling at 88, which is pretty strong.

You can find this card on the market for around 40.000 coins, a good investment if you don't have any strong players over 80 OVR in this position.

Patient Contribution (CDM)

Source: Screenshot of the game

If you need a player to keep the line in front of your defense clean, you might consider this card. Despite being a Gold Card, Ndidi already has 83 Sliding Attack and 84 Interception paired with good Aggression, which will make it difficult for attackers at this level.

You need to check the market often to get it for less than 200.000 coins. You will often also see offers over 1 million, so be aware that this player can be difficult to obtain.


Mame Diouf (ST)

Source: Screenshot of the game

Looking at the stats, this card doesn't look very good, but you can get it for less than 5.000 coins and that makes it a good attacking option on any starting team.

Acceleration and finishing are solid enough and when you take this card to level 85, it will become very good with 90 acceleration and 85 finishing, so it's a good investment in the long run and can save you a good amount of money. coins to get another player for your team.

Gabriel Jesus (ST)

Source: Screenshot of the game

If you've racked up some coins you might also think about getting Gabriel Jesus, with 89 haste and 83 finishing paired with 85 dribbling at level 80, being a good investment in your future and leveling him up you'll have a really good striker who can compete even in the upper divisions.

We hope that this list here will help you to strengthen your team in one or more positions (also in the long term, saving coins to invest in more expensive cards). If you have any other questions or would like to see some specific content on our site, please comment below. Take care and until next time!

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