Archero: Tier List of in-game weapons

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In Archero we have 7 different weapons and each one has quite unique advantages and disadvantages, but we can say that some are definitely better than others.

The critical point here is that it's a very long and expensive way to level up your weapon and doing so with the wrong one (or the one you have at the highest rarity) can make you fall far behind later in the game.

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Here is the list on the clear classification of all weapons.

1 – Gale Force

Source: Screenshot of the game

This crossbow-inspired weapon came with update 2.30 and actually has a really cool special ability with an extra gauge. With the intro it wasn't so clear how strong Gale Force really is, but with a few months now in Archero it turned out to be very strong. With the latest change in its speed, it has become Archero's strongest weapon.

2 – Brightspear

Source: Screenshot of the game
  • Pro: almost never loses.
  • Pro: Really effective against everything.
  • Cons: No big single epic effects.

Younger players especially don't like the slow attack rate, but you will almost never miss any attacks as the projectile is hitting with all weapons speed, basically instant. The unique epic effect, increased damage on similar targets, you won't gain much, but Brightspear is already so strong that it doesn't need that to be stronger. If you don't use it now, work on using it in the future, you won't regret it!

3 – Stalker Staff

Source: Screenshot of the game
  • Pro: Projectiles follow enemies
  • Pro: Very viable against all types of enemies
  • Cons: Doesn't really work on older devices

This was a closing with also a disclaimer. If you use an older device and have performance issues, you should not use it as it can slow down your device, cause lag, and give you a disadvantage. If your device can take it, this is for sure one of Archero's strongest weapons with slow projectiles, but tracking targets, especially when combined with talents that provide additional projectiles or Ricochet, this is a crossbow that will give you a full projectile slot.

A tip against enemies attacking towards you is that you can wait until you see the projectile glow and walk away. This will put the projectile on the ground and is really effective against charged enemies, especially against bosses that attack and hunt you all the time because they will go straight through the entire projectile.

It takes some time to master this skill, but if you do, it will be much more effective.

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4 – Death Scythe

Source: Screenshot of the game

Pro: high dano
Pro: 50% chance to execute enemies with less than 30% HP
Cons: extremely slow

This one is probably a favorite for new players, but don't confuse damage with DPS (damage per second). The problem is that the damage here is great, the recoil and the chance of execution too, but this weapon is very slow. It does massive damage, but it doesn't do it very fast and if you miss, you'll find yourself in a less effective spot very quickly.

Overall, Death Skythe's epic ability makes it so high here on the list because a 50% chance to execute enemies right away is a lot, especially against enemies that are really annoying to kill, but keep in mind that it's slow and because it requires a lot of viability. .

5 – Saw Blade

Source: Screenshot of the game

Pro: fast and elusive, never lose
Cons: Needs Multi-Shot

This is a super fun weapon to play, but you need to get talents that will reward you with additional projectiles or you'll lose the initial damage you need for this weapon. This makes it a little dangerous, but if you're willing to take the risk, you can get the most effective weapon if the talent drop is in your favor.

6 – Tornado

Source: Screenshot of the game

Pro: great against swarms
Cons: random success

Tornado is interesting because you can get additional damage on the way back when the blade returns. This is great because it can greatly increase your damage output, but it's also bad because it will give you more "randomness" in your runs. If you have a great run with a lot of return damage, you will do well. Otherwise, you will fail a lot.

7 – Brave Bow

Source: Screenshot of the game

In fact, it's really sad to see that Archero's signature weapon is also the worst weapon on this tier list. The stats are average and there is nothing that makes the bow really bad or good. The damage output is mediocre and there are no special abilities that really contribute anything. This is the one weapon you really don't want to put any focus on.

This was our tier list for Archero's weapons. Comment if the list helped you and what content you would like to see on our website. Take care and until next time!

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