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    Archero: Hero evolution guide

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    Hero evolution is the latest addition to make your heroes in Archero stronger and it can be a very difficult routine so we will not only show you what to expect but also give you a solid strategy. You can get the most out of this, as it can take months to max out a full-star hero.

    How does hero evolution work?

    Next to the normal hero upgrade screen, you will find the “Evolution” tab in Archero where you can take your hero to additional stars. Unlike normal hero upgrade you will need more than coins and sapphires for this you need cookies and shards.

    Source: Screenshot of the game

    You need the cookies to "feed" your hero and once you've done that enough you'll be able to star the hero with hero shards. This will give you more stats and skills that will give your hero more strength.

    Total Fragments Required

    See below how much you will need:

    Star LevelCookiesFragmentsCost in coins
    0 to 11001020.000
    1 to 22002030.000
    2 to 33003040.000
    3 to 44004050.000
    4 to 55005060.000
    5 to 66006070.000
    6 to 77007080.000
    Source: Prepared by the author

    The real problem here is the hero shards. Cookies can be dropped anywhere and are relatively easy to obtain, but hero shards are not.

    Hero shards can only be obtained from the Deser Ghost daily event. And they are not available as shards directly, you can get soul stones, about 20-30 every day, which you can exchange for shards.

    Source: Screenshot of the game

    If you're lucky, you'll see your hero shards featured, but you can't just pile them up and wait. The event ends after 7 days and then all your soul stones are exchanged for the random shards which can be shards for any hero, maybe even some you don't own.

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    The good news is that you can also unlock paid heroes this way, but getting 50 random shards takes time.

    Hero evolution strategy

    The most important rule about Hero Evolution is patience and consistency.

    1 – Try every day.

    Run the Desert Ghost Event every day to get as many soul stones as possible. Forget cookies, you can get them quickly, shards are a lot harder.

    Now exchange them for the hero you mostly use or the random shards at the end of the event in hopes of getting some shards you need. There is no other way.

    2- Plan ahead.

    The benefit of getting an additional star on a hero is not so much because benefits that benefit all heroes are rare, so plan ahead. Store your cookies for as long as necessary until you have 10, 20 or more shards for the next star. It's a long-term task and you don't want to invest too much in it.

    Don't think about unlocking Sylvan or Shade with random shards you get and wait for that, gathering those 50 shards for at least 4-6 months.

    3 – The Future of Evolution

    To be honest, the developers might change something about the evolution system as soon as the criticism they received from the community was high. We understand that they want to earn some money to provide this game, but the grind and benefits that Hero Evolution offers are in no way related. The routine is brutal and long and maxing out a hero takes more than a year than a few months, so I'm sure things will get better. Up until this point, you prefer to save your shards and cookies and only spend on your main hero what you really need to spend.

    This was our Archero hero evolution guide. Stay tuned on our website for more tips and news about the world of games. Take care and until next time!

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