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    Archero: Guide to Runes

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    Runes are relatively new to Archero and are random upgrades to your character that will increase individual stats and give you better chances of getting certain abilities. The system has some pitfalls and you can easily waste a lot of potential (time/coins) here, so we've put together this guide to give you the best strategy for forging runes in Archero, including a complete list of all the perks that have been ranked by their strength. so you can see the best combination you should choose.

    Unlock Runeforge

    This is the hardest part. You need to unlock Runic Talent and have luck on your side, especially when you have already unlocked talents 100 times or more, it can cost a lot of coins. There is no way to gain access to the runes unless you unlock the Runic Talent.

    Source: Screenshot of the game

    Once unlocked, you will see the 5 different runes, namely: Power, Savior, Recovery, Courage and Luck. Each of them has different slots:

    • A fixed slot where only the stats change.
    • 2x normal perks (unlock at level 40).
    • 2x Rare Perks (unlock at level 60).

    When you now forge a rune, the fixed slot stat will receive a value at random and you will receive random normal perks and rare perks. Each time you forge, you can either change the new rune or keep the old one.

    For that reason, we have a few lists below that show you the strongest perks, and these should be the ones you want.

    Important forge tips

    There are two important things you need to keep in mind when forging:

    • The value of the correction slot doesn't matter much. It doesn't really matter if you get 10 attacks or so here, the perks are the powerful ones and the ones you should aim for when forging. Never forge just to get a slightly higher number when getting strong perks on a rune.
    • Don't forge runes until you reach level 40. You'll get perks randomly later on and just waste coins and runestones. The best strategy would be to wait for forging runes until you reach level 60, so if you're close to that, wait before forging.

    This is the best strategy to save coins. Imagine you are level 45 and start investing in forging to see a good couple of normal perks and once you hit level 60 you will see that random rare perks are bad and you have to start all over again.

    All the perks of runes and tier list

    Below, we've listed all the possible perks for a rune, as well as an order of how strong they are. Before you think about switching to a new rune, take this list and see how strong the perks are.

    Power Rune List
    Fixed slot: Attack + X

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    *Each time you level up in a race, you gain that amount of extra attack. Ends when the race ends and starts again. So if this value is +15, you will get +150 Attack if you reach Battle Level 10.

    ** All skills in the circle can now deal critical damage

    *** All Circle Skills take this amount of additional damage

    **** If you have Holy Touch it will not only go out but also bounce off the wall once

    Savior Rune List
    Slot fixo: Max HP + X

    In general, it is a difficult point here. Raising the odds for some skills is good because those skills will make you significantly stronger but will add more RNG to your runs. Flaat's benefits are also good, but they don't give you as many benefits as getting the best skills like Wingman, Dodge Master, or Slow Projectile.

    List of recovery runes
    Fixed slot: red heart healing effect + X

    *This is the amount of healing you receive as you level up. It's not so good because you'll level up a lot at first when you normally don't need to, and then you'll need multiple rooms to level up in battle.

    List of Courage Runes
    Fixed slot: Attack + X

    *If you use one of the paid heroes (Shade, Sylvan, Onir or Rolla), your base Attack +% is the best option for you

    Sort rune list
    Slot fixo: Max HP + X

    This was our guide to Archero runes. Stay tuned on our website for more tips and news about the world of games. Take care and until next time!

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